The Company You Keep Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About The Popular ABC Drama!


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Just after the premiere of Season 1  audience is curious to know about The Company You Keep Season 2 release date. The Company You Keep is  ABC’s newest and most popular drama. It covers a variety of thrilling elements including espionage, romance, deceit, and extravagant hotels.

The talented duo of Milo Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim. Ventimiglia and Kim play the roles of a charming criminal and a covert CIA agent respectively. Their relationship threatens to interfere with their assigned duties.

Release Date Of The Company You Keep Season 2

ABC has yet to make an official announcement regarding the status of The Company You Keep Season 2. The Season 1 of romance and deceit came out on 19th Feb 2023. As of now, the show remains renewal is uncertain. They are awaiting news of either renewal or cancellation.

Cast Of The Company You Keep Season 2

  • Milo Ventimiglia plays Charlie Nicoletti who is a very good con man from a family that does illegal things and can take big risks for a lot of money.
  • Catherine Haena Kim plays Emma Hill is a secret agent who works for the CIA and comes from a family that is important in politics.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies(who starred in Prison Break Season 6) plays Birdie Nicoletti is Charlie’s older sister is also a con artist and runs a bar with him.
  • Polly Draper plays Fran Nicoletti who is  Charlie and Birdie’s mother, and the wife of Leo Nicoletti.
  • William Fichtner plays Leo Nicoletti who was a steelworker but now works as a con man with his family.
  • Tim Chiou plays David Hill who is Emma’s brother and a Senator who is running for re-election.
  • James Saito plays Joseph Hill who is the leader of an important political family known as the Asian American Kennedys.
  • Freda Foh Shen plays Grace Hill is Joseph’s wife and the mother of Emma and David.
  • Felisha Terrell plays Daphne Finch who is a mysterious person who works with an Irish mobster named Brendan Maguire.

Premise Of The Company You Keep Series

The Company You Keep is a TV show that draws inspiration from a South Korean series called My Fellow Citizens! It takes the typical romantic-comedy storyline a step further by focusing on two families. Milo Ventimiglia’s character, Charlie Nicoletti is the head of a family of con artists who works with his sister to swindle money from people who are considered the worst in society.
They are portrayed as modern-day Robin Hoods. Catherine Haena Kim’s character, Emma Hill, comes from a powerful political family referred to as the “Asian American Kennedys” with a former governor as her father and a senator as her brother.

Recap Of  The Company You Keep Season 1

Charlie Nicoletti is part of a family of con artists who use a bar they own in Baltimore as a cover for their illegal activities. They get $10 million from a heist and plan to retire. But Charlie’s fiancée steals the money and runs away. Emma Hill is an undercover CIA agent, whose partner is cheating on her. Charlie and Emma meet and have a romantic weekend together. Even though they don’t reveal their true identities.

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Charlie falls in love with Emma and decides to quit his criminal life. However, he gets involved in a new job targeting a rich pastor. At a gala event, Charlie lies to Emma to break things off, but she later recognizes him in a video of the $10 million heist. Charlie’s family manages to get the pastor’s money. But the drug syndicate they cheated on the previous job comes looking for them.

The Company You Keep Season 2 Release Date

Charlie apologizes to Emma and admits his feelings for her. They start a relationship. The drug syndicate shows up at the family bar, demanding their money back. You have to watch the show in further episodes to know what exactly happened

Spoiler For The Company You Keep Season 2

What fans can anticipate from The Company You Keep’s second season is currently tough to predict. The first season of the show has to be finished. Additionally, there have been no formal announcements on the renewal of the second season.

Trailer For The Company You Keep Season 2

The release of season 1 happened just now. Since there is no information about the renewal of Season 2 so there is no trailer available for Season 2. Till then you can watch the trailer for Season 1

Review And Rating Of The Company You Keep Series

The Company You Keep” is an excellent heist show that is highly entertaining to watch. It features the Nicoletti family using their wit and cleverness to pull off cons each week while wearing various costumes.

The show has been very popular with both viewers and critics, earning a 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb and an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where To Watch The Company You Keep Season 2?

The ABC television network airs The Company You Keep. New episodes of the show are additionally available on Disney+Hotstar. In case you love drama, secrets do watch the series


The future of the show is dependent on the political aspect, which is reminiscent of the Kennedys, in addition to the romantic plot involving Charlie and Emma. The program has a procedural structure, with a new scam being exposed every week. The political intrigue surrounding Emma’s brother’s reelection campaign, however, dominates the story. We might have an improved idea of what a second season might be like as this plot develops.

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