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There are many shows on Netflix and the recent but reality show The Circle Season 2 and 3 renewed back as it is one of the best show on Netflix which received good ratings for the first season and in this article we will talk completely about the first season of The Circle which came back in 2020 before the pandemic start.

The circle began aired from January 1, 2020 and concluded on January 15, 2020 and after 2 months Netflix gave its way to renew it for two new seasons as the first season is successful ran which is hosted by Michelle Buteau and in this reality show competitors came to compete each other without seeing each other face to face and they without knowing each other personally.

They have to compete against each other by the help of a designed application and telling about themselves in which they want to tell about and want to become most popular among all the competitors.

The Circle Season 1

The Circle season 1 consists of 12 episodes in which 14 contestants are selected and they are selected from the 20-25 individuals and the left one will never come back as the wild card entry or there is no status to appear in the show.

Among all of them five persons or players gave their introduction when the episode started and not before the season released as 8 players are already known who participated in the competition.

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These are the names of the contestants alongwith their age and hometown where they came from.

The ages of the contestants are according to 2020 or when they are in the game.

  • Alana Duval, 25 years old, lady who came from Brownsville, Texas but she was blocked in the beginning episode no. 1.
  • Antonio DePina, 24 and he belongs to Bear, Delaware and blocked in episode 4.
  • Karyn Blanco, 37 but play the fake identity as “Mercedeze” and told himself as 27 years old bisexual but unfortunately blocked episode 6 and
  • Miranda Bissonnette who is 26 years old from South Lake Tahoe, California and played as herself and blocked in Episode 8.
  • Bill Cranley is 27 years, and he portrayed his identity true in the show and blocked after 3 episodes as he came in episode 6 and blocked in episode 9.
  • Alex Lake, 32 but played using a fake identity of 27 years old sexy and named as Adam.
  • Sean Taylor by herself and she is 25 years old but using other woman pictures as a single lady.

The Circle Season 1

  • Ed Eason, 23 years old but played older than his age and he even didn’t reveal about his mother who is also present in the game and her mother age is 52 years old.
  • Seaburn Williams, 29 but played the role of 26 years old girlfriend named Rebecca and achieved fifth position in the game.
  • Chris Sapphire played himself and he is 30 years old who came from Dallas, Texas.
  • Sammie Cimarelli 23 years old but played her real identity but as single and from Miami, Florida.
  • Shubham Goel played himself and he is 23 years old and the runner up of the show.
  • Finally the winner of the show is Joey Sasso who plays his real identity and he is 25 years old.

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The Circle Season 1: Format

In the game players are moved into the same apartment but live in their own individual apartments so they can’t meet each other or see each other.

There only way for their communication is with the app they used in which some of them used their fake identity or other uses their real identity to play the game and the contestants are rated from 1st to last positions.

And on the bases of ratings highly two rated contestants became influencers who have some powers and have the authority to block other contestant at any time or the same time. The interesting thing after blocking is that blocked person still don’t know the influencers who blocked them.

The Circle Season 1

The aim of all the contestants is to receive higher ratings as lower rating person gets blocked and don’t allow to continue the game in episodes but they are allowed to meet one of the person whom they wanted to meet in the game as only this opportunity is given to them.

In the last or the final episodes who will the game will get US $100,000 and even who got the highest votes from the fans is also called as Fan Favorite contestant and won the show.

Who is the Winner of The Circle season 1 2020?

Joey Sasso, 25 years old from Rochester, New York wins the game by taking the highest votes and the winner prize of US $100,000.

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Where to Watch The Circle American Season 1?

You can stream this American The Circle on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and All 4.


This is an interesting reality show which is funny and amazing to watch as contestants play their different identities in the show to win the game.