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Is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 5 Cancelled? Check Out the Reason Behind its Cancellation!


Arvinda Dixit

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 5: In this article, we will unravel the renewal status of the series that captivated the heart of millions of people throughout the world. With its thrilling storyline, the series became an integral part of the entertainment of many people, around the globe. But several years before, the series left its audience in a state of confusion with its arrival of season 5. So let’s check out what’s the reason behind the delay of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 5.

Sabrina became a well-known Netflix series in 2020, and it even surpassed the most-watched Netflix series upon its release.

Sabrina, an American television series, follows Sabrina’s incredible adventure. And that is everything you need to know about the series.

Is Season 5 Of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series Happening?

The Occult World of Sabrina, a crossover with Riverdale, will be published as a comic book series The Occult World of Sabrina in October 2021, with a further crossover with the original comic book series being contemplated.

The makers seem to cancel the next 5th sequel of the series. Though, it was an unwanted cancellation but Chilling Adventures successfully left its mark in the heart of people.

Why Is The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series Cancelled?

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Netflix discontinued the series in July 2020, although a comic book series continuation and crossover with Riverdale, dubbed The Occult World of Sabrina, will debut in October 2021.

Where Can I Watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series?

Right now, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is not on Amazon Prime Video. There is also a very slim chance that it will ever come to Amazon Prime Video. This is a Netflix Original Web Series.

On October 26, 2018, Netflix released the first 10 episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina throughout the world. The first two episodes were screened in a special screening at Paris Comic-Con 2018 on the same day.

On December 14, 2018, the eleventh episode of the first portion, a Christmas special episode, was published. On April 5, 2019, the final nine episodes of the first season were published.

On January 24, 2020, the first portion of the second season, called Part 3, was published. On December 31, 2020, the second half of the second season, as well as the last section of the series, named Part 4, will be released.

How Many Episodes Are There in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series?

The series was originally in production at The CW in September 2017 as a Riverdale companion series; however, in December 2017, the project was shifted to Netflix with a twenty-episode straight-to-series order. Vancouver, British Columbia, was the location for filming.

On October 26, 2018, the first half of the first season, consisting of 10 episodes, was published. The series was well-received by critics, who praised Shipka’s acting as well as the idea, aesthetics, and direction.

On December 14, 2018, a Christmas special episode was published, and the second half of the first season, consisting of nine episodes, was aired on April 5, 2019.

The series was renewed by Netflix for a second season in December 2018, consisting of 16 episodes split into two parts, the first eight of which were published on January 24, 2020, and the second set on December 31, 2020.

Who Is In The Star Cast of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series?

The show stars Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Chance Perdomo, Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, Lachlan Watson, Gavin Leatherwood, Richard Coyle, and Miranda Otto, and is based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina Spellman.

Sabrina Spellman played by Kiernan Shipka, is a half-human, half-witch adolescent at Baxter High School who is just starting her dark education while attempting to live a regular life. In flashbacks, Mckenna Grace portrays a young Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina Morningstar, a version of Sabrina from an alternate timeline who chooses to embrace the darkness in her life, is likewise played by Shipka.

In part 1, Ross Lynch plays Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina’s lovely, dreamy lover. In part 2, he dates her closest friend, Roz. He is the son of a coal miner, and his ancestors were witch hunters who hunted down the Church of Night.

He employs his witch-hunting talents to aid Sabrina and her allies in their battle against the forces of darkness. One of Sabrina’s two witch aunts, Hildegarde Antoinette “Hilda” Spellman has a motherly attitude and a warm sense of humor and is talented at manufacturing potions. Lucy Davis as Hildegarde Antoinette “Hilda” Spellman Part 4 sees her marry Dr. Cee and leave the Spellman home.

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Zelda is played by Miranda Otto. One of Sabrina’s two witch aunts, Phiona Spellman is stricter than Hilda and fiercely protective of Sabrina. She is a member of the Church of Night as well. She subsequently becomes the coven’s High Priestess and abandons satanic views, believing that the coven should worship the goddess Hecate instead.

Sabrina’s warlock cousin from England, Ambrose Spellman, played by Chance Perdomo, is her companion in crime. After being placed under house imprisonment by the Witches Council for attempting to blow up the Vatican, he was previously barred from leaving the Spellman residence.

Michelle Gomez is played by Mary Wardwell and Lilith / Madam Satan: The first wife of Adam from the Garden of Eden, who assumes the identity of Mary Wardwell, Sabrina’s favorite teacher, and mentor at Baxter High; a cunning manipulator, she plans to groom Sabrina to take her place as Satan’s foot soldier so that she can rise to become his queen.

For the sake of equality and her lost confidence in him, she has a change of heart and rebels against Satan. She defeats Lucifer and ascends to the throne of Hell in the series finale.

Rosalind “Roz” Walker played by Jaz Sinclair, is the loud, powerful, and outspoken daughter of Greendale’s minister and Sabrina’s best friend. She is a seer and possesses the gift of foresight through touch, despite being a familial curse on all Walker women. In part 4, she realizes that she is a witch after communication with her departed grandma.

Sabrina’s close buddy at Baxter High, Theodore “Theo” Putnam, is played by Lachlan Watson. Theo is a trans boy who used to go by the name Susie.

Tati Gabrielle has played the role of Prudence Blackwood (née Night): A student at the Academy of the Unseen Arts, with a personal grudge against Sabrina. She is the leader of a trio of witches, the Weird Sisters. She is later revealed to be Father Blackwood’s illegitimate daughter. She vows revenge on her father.

Adeline Rudolph has played the role of Agatha: A student at the Academy of the Unseen Arts, who is one of the Weird Sisters. As a result of hearing a song from the Pagan God Pan’s flute, she falls into madness.

Richard Coyle has played the role of Father Faustus Blackwood: The former High Priest of the Church of Night and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts, who gets into conflict with Sabrina. By Part 2, he grows into madness, craving for power.

Gavin Leatherwood has played the role of Nicholas “Nick” Scratch (parts 3 and 4; recurring parts 1 and 2): A warlock and student at the Academy of the Unseen Arts who eventually becomes romantically involved with Sabrina in Part 2 and later the host of Satan. Currently, the love interest of Sabrina.

What Is The IMDb Rating of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series has been acknowledged by an IMDb rating of 7.5 out of 10. This rating has been appraised by more than 85K IMDb users. The Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina web series can be considered to be an above-average-rated web series.

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What Are The Reviews For The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series?

The review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes gave the first half of the first season a 91 percent approval rating, with an average rating of 7.77/10 based on 103 reviews. “Bewitchingly gorgeous and deliciously macabre, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina casts an intoxicating spell and gives a wonderful showcase for Kiernan Shipka’s amazing abilities,” says the website’s consensus.

For the first half of the first season, Metacritic, which uses a weighted average technique, awarded a score of 74 out of 100 based on 28 critics, indicating “generally good reviews.”

On Rotten Tomatoes, the second half of the first season scored a 6.88 out of 10 rating, with an overall approval rating of 81 percent based on 43 reviews.

“With a stronger mystery entrenched in witchy world-building, Chilling Adventures is a wonderfully dark, gloriously campy frolic that pulls Sabrina deeper down the path of the night — if only she could get there a bit faster,” says the website’s consensus.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, 90 percent of 29 reviewer evaluations for part three are good, with an average rating of 7.36/10. “A gloriously horrible thrill trip from start to end, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina simply keeps getting better,” says the website’s critical consensus.

Part four has a 67 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 24 critic reviews with an average rating of 7.13/10. “Though it leaves certain fan favorites high and dry, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s last season reaches enough emotional highs to serve as a fitting farewell to the Queen of Hell,” says the website’s critical consensus.

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About The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Web Series


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a Netflix supernatural horror streaming television series based on the Archie comic book series of the same name, created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Warner Bros. Television, in collaboration with Berlanti Productions and Archie Comics, is producing the series. Executive producers include Aguirre-Sacasa and Greg Berlanti, as well as Sarah Schechter, Jon Goldwater, and Lee Toland Krieger.



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