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The Burden of Truth Season 4 | Release Date And More

Canadian legal drama Burden of truth returns for one final season in 2021. The show is quite popular and has run successfully for 3 seasons and the final season is supposed to bring much-needed closure to the fans. The legal drama is created by Brad Simpson. The Burden of Truth Season 4 will be a must watch!

The fans are sad to see one of their favourite series coming to an end but it is a refreshingly bold move that the producers are following the natural end of the show instead of making it go further by creating unnecessary complications. 

Season 4 has a lot of important moments which are the defining point for individual character development as well as the finale. 

Before going into things we expect in the final season, let's get you a quick recap.  

Plot of The Burden of Truth Season 4

The series covers the journey of Joanna Chang who was a bigshot corporate lawyer, used to big wins. The narrative starts when Joanna had to go to her hometown of Milwood to gather evidence for a case. She is shocked to see the underbelly of a small town which is just as dark and difficult just like the big cities. She meets her high school friend Billy Crawford. 

Later seasons tell us about how Joanna discovers her true self and makes amends with her past. The big shot city lawyer without a conscience becomes a human with emotions and a strong sense of ethics. 

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Quick revision: season 3 

the official poster of the burden of truth season 3
Featuring the Poster of The Burden of Truth!

Season 3 is packed with powerful moments and climactic scenes filled with high tension situations. 

It revolves around Joanna's childhood friend Kodie Chartrand and her battle for her child. When Kodie is proved a substance abuser, she loses her right to be with her daughter. The series was an interesting study of how vengeful and toxic childhood trauma can be that can make one do crazy things. 

Luna Spence, who is revealed to be Joanna's half-sister, becomes a pivotal deciding point of the case. It shows how far she has come and how significant she is to the series. Even though it is not her story she shines brightly in her own right.

It is her persistence and motivation that give Joanna and Billy new inspiration to continue to fight Solomon Stone and ClearLab.

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Season 4

a glimpse from the burden of truth
Featuring a still from The Burden of Truth!

Season 4 is the culminating point of Burden of Truth and the season finale will once again show how truth is not always easy to bear and indeed can become a burden. In season 4 something remarkable happens. Joanna and Billy become parents to a beautiful girl. 

 They get a case against a mining company that is harassing a local woman who would not give her land. Nothing about this mining firm seems as it is. There are deeper and darker secrets lurking out there. Season 4 explores it all. 

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Joanna and Billy in their last lap 

Another spoiler of this much anticipated season is that Billy finally proposed to Joanna and before she could respond she was arrested. At the time Billy and Joanna face a lot of trouble as a couple. They are financially drowning and Joanna herself is experiencing postpartum anxiety. 

So they both have got a lot on their plate and we too need a lot to keep our eyes out for. 

The Cast of The Burden of Truth Season 4

featuring a picture from the interview of the cast of the burden of truth season 4
The Burden of Truth Season 4 and its amazing cast is here!

The show has a strong cast which is essential to keep this kind of show floating and the cast has done a massive job. 

Kristin Kreuk and Peter Mooney reprise their roles as  Joanna and Billy. At the same time, Star Slade also returns as Luna Spence, Joanna's half-sister and a second-year law student. Meegwun Fairbrother is back as Owen Beckbie, Millwood's indigenous police chief, and Nicola Correia-Damude returns as Diane Evans, who is Joanna's longtime friend. Anwen O'Driscoll is also reprising her role as Taylor Matheson, who joins the cadets.

Thanks to this great cast and their beautiful performances that kept us loyal viewers of the show.


Legal dramas have been pretty popular lately but perhaps it is the most difficult to make. To make this an entertaining watch is super challenging and creators have done a great job.

At the same time, the show does not attempt to glorify the lawyers with super expensive suits and crisp dialogues to whistle at. Rather, they have focused on showing the limitations and helpless situations often faced by the people fighting for us. 

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