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The Brutal Alternate World in Which the U.S. Abandoned Ukraine

Numerous horrors were averted thanks to American assistance and Ukrainian resistance.

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After ten months of conflict, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, finally left his nation and travelled to Washington, DC, on the shortest day of the year, in order to express his gratitude to the United States for their assistance. He then made an appearance at a press conference held at the White House after making his way there. He then travelled to Congress, where he presented a Ukrainian flag to the vice president and the speaker of the House. The banner bore the signatures of those who had fought to save Bakhmut. He congratulated each and every one of us on this first win that we had achieved together as Americans and Ukrainians. “We defeated Russia in the battle for the minds of the world,” he said.

Nothing about this trip was predetermined, including the clapping, the flag, and the speech that was given. Even Zelensky’s continued existence was not a certain at any point. The maintenance of Ukraine’s status as a sovereign state was also not an unavoidable eventuality. Back in February, many people had the opinion that these events were highly unlikely.

On the eve of the invasion, a number of American specialists suggested that the United States refrain from providing Ukraine with military assistance on the grounds that the conflict was likely to be won far too swiftly. Others in the United States parroted Russian propaganda by calling into question the legitimacy of Ukraine’s existence and whether or not it needed to be defended. There are certain politicians in the United States that share that viewpoint, and they continue to do so even today. What if they had been victorious in the end? Imagine for a moment supposing a different leader had been occupying the Oval Office. What would have happened if a different candidate ran for president of Ukraine? Let’s pretend for a second that the globe does not include the bravery of the Ukrainian people, the armaments of the United States and Europe, or the cohesion and support of democracies all around the world.

If the Russian plan had been followed out exactly as it was stated, the city of Kiev would have fallen to Russian control in a matter of days. One of the killing squads that roamed the capital city would have been responsible for Zelensky’s death, along with the deaths of his wife and children. The collaborators, who had already selected their apartments in Kyiv, were going to take over the Ukrainian state if they hadn’t been stopped. After then, the Russian army would have fought the remnants of the Ukrainian army, city by city, region by region, until it had eventually taken the entire country. This would have happened city by city, region by region. Initially, the Russian general staff anticipated that achieving this victory would take around one month.

If everything had gone according to plan, Ukraine would be riddled with concentration camps, torture chambers, and makeshift prisons like those found in Bucha, Izyum, Kherson, and all of the other places temporarily controlled by Russia that were recovered by the Ukrainian army. Mass graves would already be the final resting place for an entire generation of influential political figures, artists, journalists, and civic leaders in Ukraine. Books written in Ukrainian were supposed to have been eradicated from educational institutions and public libraries. In any and all public settings, the use of the Ukrainian language would have been prohibited. Hundreds of thousands more children from Ukraine would have been kidnapped and either sent to Russia or trafficked to other parts of the world had the government not intervened.

As a result of their astonishing success, Russian forces would already be on the borders of Poland, building up new command posts and digging new trenches. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) would be in disarray, and the entire alliance would have to shell out billions of dollars to get ready for the inevitable invasion of Warsaw, Vilnius, or Berlin. The wave of sympathy that initially greeted them would have subsided a long time ago; the money would be running out, and the backlash would have already begun. If this scenario played out, millions of Ukrainian refugees would be living in camps all over Europe, with no prospect of ever returning home. A pro-Russian government in Moldova would have likely already been planning to incorporate that country into the emerging Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian federation that one Russian propagandist hailed, too early, on February 26. The Moldovan economy would have completely collapsed as a result of this, and the pro-Russian government in Moldova would have likely been planning to incorporate that country into the federation.

This catastrophe would not have been restricted to only occurring in Europe. On the other side of the world, the Chinese government would be well along in its preparations to invade Taiwan. This is because Beijing would believe that the United States, which would be unwilling to defend a European ally and would be totally bogged down in a long-term battle against an emboldened Russia, would never go out of its way to assist an island that is located in the Pacific. The Islamists of Iran would have been just as ecstatic about Russia’s victory as they were about Ukraine’s loss, and they would have made a brazen announcement that they had finally acquired nuclear weapons. Dictatorships all over the world, from Venezuela to Zimbabwe to Myanmar, would have tightened their regimes and ramped up the persecution of their opponents, now certain that the old rules—the conventions on human rights and genocide, the laws of war, and the taboo against changing borders by force—no longer applied. This would have been the case regardless of where the dictatorships were located. The democratic world would be sadly facing up to its obsolescence everywhere from Washington to London, from Tokyo to Canberra, and everywhere in between.

On the other hand, none of this transpired. Because Zelensky stayed in Kyiv, declaring that he needed “ammunition, not a ride;” because Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the first Russian attack on their capital; because Ukrainian society pulled together to support its army; because Ukrainians at all levels were creative in their use of limited resources; because Ukrainian civilians were, and are, willing to endure terrible hardship; because of all of that, we are not living in that ugly alternative reality.

President Joe Biden and the members of Congress in the United States of America resisted the temptation of “America First” isolationism and rejected the cult of autocracy that is now captivated by a portion of the American right. They were inspired to do so by the initial weeks of bravery displayed by the Ukrainian people. The leaders of Europe, with the sole exception of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, who is one of the most prominent ideologues of that same cult, have also resisted carefully targeted Russian disinformation and blackmail campaigns and have agreed to support Ukraine with both military and humanitarian assistance. People from all over the world witnessed the resistance that the Ukrainian people offered against a ruthless government, and in response, they offered their time and money to assist.

Kyiv is still standing as a direct result of everything that we all worked on together. The majority of Ukraine is still under Ukrainian sovereignty. The Russians’ massacres, executions, and acts of widespread violence did not materialise across the majority of Ukraine as they had expected. The myth that Russia has unrivalled military might has been debunked. Both China and Iran are experiencing significant levels of discontentment and unrest. The democratic world did not implode as some predicted but rather has become much more robust. We “successfully succeeded in unifying the global community to safeguard freedom and international law,” as the President of Ukraine stated just the night before. Although Zelensky travelled to Washington in order to express gratitude to Americans on behalf of his country, in all honesty, it is we who ought to be expressing gratitude to them.

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