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The Boys Season 2: Titles  Of Episodes Show They May Be More In Sync With The Comics


David Mudd

American super heroes web television showcasing the “The Boys”, which is actually taken from the comic book The Boys.

The show has successfully wraps out its first season on July 26 2019, with a total of 8 episodes.

Now, the show is working for its second debut. This time it is expecting to have more bookish, because the show aims to have the real characters and roles if the comic book The Boys.

Let us look in the real roles now, I mean what the show is covering for the second season. And why the show is estimating the real characters this time. And mostly who is going to have what task and role?

The Boys

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The Roles Of The Season Two Of ‘The Boys’

If we looks about the story, then Hughie Campbell is considered as the main reason for the formation of the Boys team. He was just a normal average looking guy who happily leading life with his girl friend.

Everything is quite happy until one of the superhero from the group ” The seven” screwed up with his life. And then, nothing is going in normal condition, the seven group killed his girlfriend under the cock beat fashion.

So, Hughie felt depressed and want to fight against them, soon he became a strong group as “The Boys”.  Billy Butcher  is also a part this group, who lost his wife earlier.

Now, the gang Boys is to show up the world about the The seven real colors, what they do and what type of perons they are. Annie January, who is recently added as the newest member of The Seven as the super-heroine Starlight.

The Boys Season 2

The titles of the upcoming season are taken directly form the comic book. May e the title itself will indicate shows next . “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker,” “Nothing Like It In The World,” “Over The Hill With The Swords of a Thousand Men,” “Proper Preparation and Planning,” “The Big Ride,” “The Bloody Doors Off,” “We Gotta Go Now,” and, “What I Know.”

All these titles are direct from the comic book, so we will wait to have great things to happens to next season.