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The Boys: Is Season 2 Postponed? All details About Storyline, Cast And Trailer


David Mudd

The Amazon Prime Series undoubtedly did exceptional in The Boys first season, and we cannot wait for it to return. Fans loved the plot as it was brilliantly balanced with action, drama and adventure.

The Boys revolves around the story of superheroes who stalwartly fight against the people who try to abuse or manipulate their skills and powers.

Release Date

It is quite a relief knowing that the second season was completed in January, so the release dates are most likely to be the same as scheduled earlier. A lot of shows have postponed the release of upcoming seasons due to the corona pandemic.

Although the exact date for the release is not confirmed yet, we are expecting it to be somewhere around July 26th.

The Boys

The show can be binged on the leading streaming platform Amazon Prime.

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The Cast (The Boys)

The Boys has a brilliant cast with exceptional stars. We will be seeing Karl Urban as Billy, while Jack Quaid will be playing the role of Hugh and Erin Moriarty would take on the part of Annie January.

In addition to this, we will also see Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk and the incredible Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve.


The coming The Boys season will be packed with more drama and new adventures of the superheroes. The viewers are going to be delighted to know that there is a new addition to the series family.

The Boys

Stormfront is making an appearance. His peppy energy, zest and dauntlessness will keep the viewers addicted to the screens, wanting more. There would be new plot twists revolving around him which will keep the show interesting and intriguing.

We could not draw much from the trailer of The Boys second season. It appears that the show makers want it instead to be a surprise for the viewers.

What are your guesses about the plot for the second season? Let us know your interpretation in the comment section below!

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