The Blown Away Season 2: Who Is The Winner of The Show?


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Fans have been waiting for The Blown Away Season 2, So we are going to share all the latest updates about The Blown Away Season 2. Here’s everything you need to find out so far. Let’s have a look on what we have found out for you.

When will The Blown Away Season 2 release? Who stars in the The Blown Away Season 2 ? What is the plot of the show Is it a good show to watch? Where can I watch the show?

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If you also want to know the answer of the questions mentioned above, then go through this article. Let’s get started.

The Blown Away Season 2: Introduction

Netflix recently released the second season of the popular reality TV show Blown Away season 2 premiered on Netflix on January 22. The seriess received well review from critics and fans.

The Blown Away Season 2

The Blown Away Season 2: Quick Facts

Written by Ron Carroll
Amy Hosking
Presented by Nick Uhas (seasons 1-3)
Bobby Berk (Christmas)
Executive producers Mark J. W. Bishop
Matt Hornburg
Producers Ron Carroll
Amy Hosking
Donna Luke
Mike Bickerton
Brett Ashley
Caitlin Dosa
Zoe Kazakos
Ajeeth Parkal
Greg Floyd
Gina Lomas
Topher McFarlane
Jacqui Skeete
Running time 23 minutes
Production company Marblemedia
Distributor Blue Ant Media (Canada)
Netflix (Global) Release
Original network Makeful
Original release February 20, 2019 –
Country of origin Canada
Original language English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 34

The Blown Away Season 2: Trailer

Here is the trailer of The Blown Away Season 2. Go and check if you haven’t checked it out yet.

The Blown Away Season 2 Cast: Let’s Have A Look On Its Cast Members 

Eliot Walker
Jason McDonald
Mike Shelbo
Nao Yamamoto
Tegan Hamilton
Andi Kovel
Ben Silver
Cat Burns
Chris Taylor

The Blown Away Season 2 Plot: What Is This Show All About?

The Blown Away Season 2 is about the very idea of exhibit showcases works by the artists. They receive the challenges that has power to show their creativity beyond limitness.

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Blown Away Season 2 tells the story a new group of glassmakers from across the globe. The group race against the clock so that they can create complex works of art. Ten of these works and are on view in this exhibition.

The Blown Away Season 2: Episodes

Season 2 consists a number of ten episides. Here is the name of each episode.

Ep 1 : Mirror, Mirror
Ep 2: Think Inside the Box
Ep 3: Name That Toon
Ep 4: Force of Nature
Ep 5: Center of Attention
Ep 6: Scents and Sensibility
Ep 7: Who’s Got Game?
Ep 8: Runway Walk
Ep 9: Light My Fire
Ep 10: Finale

Who wins season 2 of Blown Away?

The winner of Blown Away Season 2 is Elliot Walker. Winner Elliot Walker told AD in April at the Corning Museum of Glass
“I do find it a little bit sort of strange when people call the show the surprise hit,”.

Blown Away Season 2 Artists

Contestant: Outcome
Elliot Walker: Winner
Cat Burns: Runner-up
Chris Taylor: 3rd place
Nao Yamamoto 4th place
Andi Kovel: 5th place
Mike Shelbo: 6th place
Brad Turner 7th place
Jason McDonald 8th place
Ben Silver 9th place
Tegan Hamilton 10th place

The Blown Away Season 2

Where was Blown Away season 2 filmed?

Blown Away Season 2 was filmed in Hamilton, Ontario Blown Away shooting locations include Hamilton, Ontario. The production company Marblemedia had turned an empty warehouse in Hamilton into the largest hot shop in North America.

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