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The Block Island Sound: Watch the Thriller Horror Movie!

Looking for a good horror movie in which humans are connected or have interaction with aliens? There are so many movies which are of aliens and humans and the strange things going on in it. You are also thinking who is behind the dead fishes and who has done all these things?

Most of the things you are thinking while watching horror movies like the ghost is sitting besides you, and we even look here and there when something falls while watching horror films. Are the aliens seen in the movie real?

What would we do if we were in a horror movie? Can we talk with aliens? There are so many questions revolving around in the minds of the children or the viewers who watch horror, thriller and mystery movies.

But leaving these questions here, let’s talk more about The Block Island Sound which is a horror thriller movie of the previous year produced by Andrew Van den Houten and Ashleigh Snead.

30 Bones Cinema along with Hood River Entertainment, Captain Inertia Productions with Title Media are the production companies for producing this film which came in the United States and ran for 97 minutes in English.

Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus are the directors of this horror film and these same people also wrote this movie.

Chris Sheffield and Michaela Mcmanus are the leading stars who performed in this amazing movie which received 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Block Island Sound: Release Date

the block island sound

This is the favourite place of every viewer to check when the movie or the web series is coming or already premiered. So, for this, it was already released back in 2020 on August 28 in Fantasia and worldwide it came on Netflix on March 11, 2021.

So, you can still watch this movie on different platforms if you don’t have a subscription to Netflix.

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Who is Coming to be in The Block Island Sound?

the block island sound

As it was stated above, that movie was already released worldwide by Netflix so these are the cast members who performed their roles in the horror and ghost film.

  • Audry is played by Michaela McManus.
  • Harry role is played by Chris Sheffield.
  • Tom by Neville Archambault.
  • Dale by Jim Cummings.
  • Kurt by Jeremy Holm.
  • Emily y Matilda Lawler.
  • Paul by Ryan O’Flanagan.
  • Jen by Haidi Neidermeyer and also Willie C. Carpenter contributed to this movie.

Where Can You Watch The Block Island Sound Other Than Netflix?

Some other platforms where you can stream this horror movie by buying or renting it or simply watching it online if you have the network subscription.

You can buy or rent The Block Island Sound on-

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Does Block Island Sound Exist in Real Life?

Yes, you can say that it is real and it is a narrow passage or the channel in the open Atlantic Ocean.

And this film name is also taken from the island as even the film is based on this island and also some scenes were filmed on the Block Island.

What is the Age Rating of The Block Island Sound?

the block island sound

This film is given- R rating due to horror things which frightens the viewer while watching.

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The Block Island Sound: Ratings and Reviews

On Imdb the movie got 5.3 ratings out of 10 with more than 180+ user reviews.

As the movie earned mixed reviews and some of the user reviews on IMDB by the users are-

Some users enjoyed this movie and wrote comments like enjoyable and watchable movie, good acting and directing of this sci-fi film, decent mystery drama and great movie with horror island.

Some users didn’t like it so much and gave comments like unpredictable slow horror, bad movie, it was not decided what the movie aim was, acting is great but still lacks something and fails to attract the users or the audience.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie earned 90% Tomatometer rating with 30 reviews and 48% Audience score.

59% is given to this movie on justwatch.

So, with all these ratings and reviews you can guess what type of movie this is and it’s upon you whether you want to watch the movie or not if you are thinking of watching it for the first time.

Here is the official trailer of The Block Island Sound before going to watch the full movie.

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