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The Blacklist Season 8: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And More


David Mudd

Blacklist Season Season 8: Release date, Cast, Plot Trailer And More Details

The Story Behind (The Blacklist)

An incredibly well-received crime thriller, The Blacklist was first aired on the 23rd of September, 2013.

Having had 22 episodes in totality, the show notched a wide fanbase, grossing 15 million views, IMAGINE!

An NBC production, the TV series follows the life of Raymond aka ‘Red’, who was a former U.S Navy.

Red has apparently turned into a criminal(quite posh-profiled that is) and he surrenders to the FBI which leads them in search of other extremely threatening criminals.


The star cast consists of James Spader as our very own ‘Red’, Diego Klattenhoff as Donald and Megan Boone as Elizabeth, among others.

The series, as you know it, has been quite appreciated by audience and critics alike, with ratings brewing fairly good too.

The Blacklist

So now that we’re here to talk about Season 8, let me brief you about the expected date, plot and cast.

Well, Season 7 is on the run and out of the 18 episodes it is supposed to feature, 16 are already done and dusted with.

Netflix had apparently announced this February that a possible renewal was on the chart.

Production and shooting were supposed to start by now, but due to the beautiful Coronavirus entering our lives and being more clingy than your clingiest classmate in school, there hasn’t been any progression.

Of course, the filming wouldn’t start until everything goes back to being ‘normal’. Jesus Christ, I miss the most feeble liberties of life. *wails*

What To Expect

Alright, anyway, so the upcoming Season would hit screens sometime in the beginning or mid-2021.

But then, there’s a wild chance of new people joining the old cast!

Katarina has, as you most certainly know, enacted her own death.

But then, she hasn’t done this without giving her daughter a kinky hint of who her father might be.

What she exactly said translates to something like the blood on the shirt from Red had been taken and stored as a piece of evidence for over 3 decades and she somehow managed to steal a sample.

Yes, you guessed it right, smarty pants! Of course, what she did later was submitting it for a DNA check which would reveal the true identity of Elizabeth’s paternity.

The Blacklist

*drum rolls* Turns out, Red indeed is her father!

Now I CANNOT wait to see what the new season brings with it. OH DEAR LORD.

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