The Biebers’ Halloween Costumes: The Couple Stole The Hearts With Flintstones Inspired Outfits!


Chahat Rana

Hailey and Justin Bieber have also been the talk of the town. This time the couple set fire to the road with their Flintstones-inspired outfit. Hailey with her beau Justin attended Vas J. Morgan and Michael Braun’s Halloween Party in LA last night. 

They rocked the Classic characters from the cartoon The Flintstones. They dressed as Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm as they attended the party. Rhodes rocked the signature Pebbles’ outfit with a patented leather costume.

The dark green colour with black half moons. The white furry bone started the lower set coral miniskirt that ended with a spiked pattern above her knees. The hemline and the waistline had a similar pattern. She paired the look with a bright red bob wig. She did not forget to wear her diamond B necklace which she always keeps close to the heart.

Beibers' Halloween

The Peaches singer, Justin came shirtless flaunting his tattoos. He wore a backward cap complementing his orange shorts with animal prints. He also carried a furry bone attached to his waistband.

Earlier this month, Hailey slayed a vampire look while she was filming for her YouTube show. She wore red lacy corset and black off shoulder sleeves. She paired it with black skirt and thigh-high lacy black stockings. Her neck was shining as she wore a multi-strand pearl choker with her signature diamond B necklace. The fake blood dripping from her lips enhanced the overall glam look.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber didn’t stop here. She also paid tribute to Rachel Green, a character from FRIENDS.

HAiley Beiber as Rachel Green

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