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 The Best TV Shows of the Last Decade That Never Got Their Logical Conclusion


David Mudd

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The Best TV Shows That Didn’t Get the Closure

You have probably noticed that many TV shows in the last decade had such an exciting beginning but ended up unexpectedly abruptly without any closure. No logical conclusion followed, and it made the fans a little bit disappointed. There are plenty of reasons why it happened. First, the lack of budget was allocated for shooting TV series. Second, even such cases as misunderstandings and confrontations among the actors and the directors might provoke the abrupt ending of the whole process of TV series-making. However, many works are still worth watching despite their unresolved or unexpected ending. If you can’t maintain your life and study balance to find time for watching these movies, use cause and effect essay writing service to help you. With its assistance, you can enjoy these little masterpieces, which deserve to be seen.

My name is Earl

It’s a wonderful TV sitcom that will not leave you indifferent. Jason Lee starring there is incredible as always. Playing the main character, he teaches us a lesson that everything we do in life has its consequences. Good deeds result in good things in our life while bad things always bring us something bad in return. That’s how karma works. Episode after episode repeats the story of how Earl is doing his best to become a good person after his mischievous behavior in the past. However, you may notice that the last episode was finished as if something next would happen. No conclusion followed in the last series. Thus, the series ended with a cliffhanger making fans unsatisfied with the final episode. However, the TV series remains the worthy one to be seen.

30 Rock

30 Rock is a satirical sitcom that was made in New York City in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where Saturday Night Live is produced. Making this TV series from the head writer’s experience while working on Saturday Night Live adds some intrigue to the show. You might find it both fascinating and sarcastic with special humor and approach when you watch the episodes. Besides, this TV show was shot with a single camera which makes the series even more unique. Unfortunately, it was canceled on the seventh episode leaving the fans bewildered and disappointed.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a science fiction drama that was aired on the Fox Network. If you are into this genre where people of the future travel back in time to experience new visions and ideas in order to create a better civilization, then this TV series is the right choice. It is based on the novel by British writer Kelly Marcel. Steven Spielberg put in the effort to build one of the best science fiction of the last decade. It would have been a success if Fox hadn’t canceled the series. Netflix claimed to continue the process of filming. However, the fans don’t see it happening.


This psychological horror thriller was valued and appreciated by its fans. And it’s not surprising. With such good actors as Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen, this TV series got a very good reputation at first. The first season was the most watched by millions of people. However, on the third season, NBC canceled it due to low viewership. Is this TV show worth watching? Definitely, yes. Many people are still waiting for the next episodes, which will clarify the whole situation and make the conclusion more logical.