The Best Time to Buy a New Jeep


Mohit Kamboj

It’s officially a wrap. You’ve been wanting a Jeep for a long time now, and now you’re going to do it. We understand. Jeep lore notwithstanding, the current lineup is darned solid. And there’s something for just about everyone. So, congratulations are in order.

With that said, have you given any thought to when you’re going to buy your Jeep? What’s that, you ask? Well, now that you’ve decided what you’re going to buy, you also need to be smart about the timing of your purchase.That is, if you want to save money.

The fact is that certain times of the year, and during the year, are better than others. Because choosing the optimal time to swing by a dealership, or seal the deal at one virtually, is important, the following are some tips that can help you choose the best time to buy a new Jeep.

Choose the Right Weekday

That’s right, it even matters which day of the week you buy your Jeep. It is true that while Monday has generally been maligned as a bad day of the week – Blue Monday, and all that – that doesn’t hold up when it comes to car buying. You can indeed expect a better price if you buy on a Monday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. Why?Because fewer people shop on those days, especially Mondays, than on other days during the week. And because salespeople aren’t as much under the gun to rack up sales, they’re usually more apt to negotiate.

On the other hand, so many people are out car shopping on the weekend that the salesperson doesn’t have to cut you deal, see? If you don’t like the regular price, there are plenty of others on hand who’ll fork it over. However, if you’re the only one around, not only will the salesperson have time for you, but they will actively pursue you to seal a deal.

Choose the Best Time of Year

Did you know there is a best time of year? Yep, if you can, it’s best to wait until end of the year to take advantage of Jeep incentives and monthly, quarterly, and annual sales quotas that dealerships want to meet, and which all come together at year’s end. Because dealerships, also called “stores” in the industry, want to quickly hit these targets, you have leverage here.

So, if you can, hold off on getting your Jeep until the last few days of the year. And because the very last day of the month is not always every dealership’s exact deadline, make your shopping day from the 25th to the 29th of the month to be on the safe side.

You’ll also want to pick a store that has more than a few Jeeps around, because dealers will be eager to clear those rides out. By contrast, if there are just a couple of Jeeps on hand, a salesperson will try to get all they can for them.

Go Shopping on a Holiday

That’s right: during the holidays, most people aren’t even thinking of car buying. More likely, they’re making plans to spend time with friends and family. What this means for your purposes is that there won’t be much traffic in showrooms, which equates to better opportunities for deals. You may even see holiday sales or discounts to motivate you to come in.

  • Presidents Day. If you’re going to buy a Jeep around February, then try to time it to Presidents Day – the third Monday of every February. You may be able to nab a discount.
  • Memorial Day. Manufacturers traditionally unveil new models during summer months, making it a relatively pricy time to purchase a vehicle. Your saving grace here could be that, to make room for those new cars, thoseoutgoing models must go. So, if it’s looking like a midyear buy for you, Memorial Day could be your best bet.
  • Fourth of July and Labor Day. Come July 4, vehicles are changing over at a good clip. So, you have more to choose from. You also might want to wait until Labor Day to buy your Jeep, since an ample supply of vehicles from which to choose means competitive pricing.
  • Black Friday. By November, there are discounts to be had, particularly on Black Friday. But because more folks are out shopping, you stand a better chance of getting a good deal on an outgoing Jeep model.
  • Christmas. Did that day ever cross your mind as a potential one on which to shop? Well, when it comes to shopping for cars, you should consider it. Why? Year-end quotas, which dealers are itchy about. So, Christmas may be a perfect time for to pick up a new Jeep.
  • New Year’s Eve. Here’s another believe it or not: New Year’s Eve is one of the ideal times to get a sales price you like. Hey, if a salesperson is trying to get that new year bonus, they’ll be super-motivated to make a sale. Sometimes, stores will even present blowout events that you’ll want to take advantage of. So, while others are out picking up their tuxes or buying bubbly, the best use of your time may be at a dealership. After you buy your new Jeep, you can enter the new year happy and in grand style.

So, when’s the best time to buy a new Jeep? The best answer, of course, is that it’s always a good time to pick one up. But more than one thing can be true at the same time, right? The fact is, you can do yourself a solid by being intentional about when you sign on the dotted line. Most ads won’t tell you that. The good news is that, within the space of a year, you have several money-saving dates from which to choose.Hey, deals are to be had. Make sure you jump on one of them.