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11 Of The Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

These days, it’s practically hard to keep track of everything that’s available across a wide range of channels, from traditional broadcast and cable to premium networks and a slew of streaming services.

Under the Banner of HeavenThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

For a true-crime series to stand out these days, it has to dive into the complexities of religion and humanity, but FX’s latest (which will be available exclusively on Hulu, just to add to the confusion) does precisely that. In the role of Mormon detective Jeb Pyre, who is tasked with investigating the murder of a mother (Edgar-Jones) and her child, Garfield has been a mainstay on our screens for the last year or so. His beliefs are tested when he learns that the case may be more intertwined within the Church of Latter-Day Saints than anyone could have imagined. Lafferty is a household name in Mormonism, but it turns out the family has a darker side, and escalating tensions amongst the members have plainly led to a catastrophic breakdown.

The OrvilleThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

No other sci-fi show compares to The Orville. The show satirizes and pays respect to the genre at the same time, striking a perfect balance between the two. The crew of a starship travels to numerous planets and regions of the galaxy in search of new life forms. With Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and Kelly Grayson (his former wife) as the ship’s captain and first officer, we have a solid cast (Adrianne Palicki). Talk about a tangled web of interconnected relationships.

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CandyThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

It’s time for true crime fans to meet their new addiction. Five episodes of Candy, set in 1980s Texas, are packed with intrigue and unexpected turns. The murder of Betty Gore (played by Yellowjackets star Melaine Lynskey) – the lady who was meant to be Candy’s best friend – is the subject of this show, which stars an unrecognizable Jessica Biel. Another example of how reality may be stranger than fiction. From beginning to end, Candy will keep you on your toes.

Conversations with FriendsThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

Winning novelist Sally Rooney, who wrote Normal People, penned Conversations with Friends about a group of young people who find love and friendship. On the show are two college students, Frances Oliver (Alison Oliver), and Bobbi Sasha Lane (Sasha Lane), who form an unexpected relationship with an older married couple, Melissa (Jemima Kirke) and Nick (Joe Alwyn). It’s a dark character study that’s unflinchingly real and at times extremely familiar, offering a refreshingly honest look at desire, envy, and chemistry.

The Girl From PlainvilleThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

Although Hulu has been right in the game when it comes to shows based on real events, much of their programming succeeds in confronting real-life situations without sensationalizing or making the people watching at home feel like they are rubbernecking in any evident way. Accurately portraying the events leading up to Conrad Carter’s suicide and the aftermath, the series stars Fanning as Michelle Carter, who was tried for involuntary manslaughter pertaining to her then-death boyfriend’s suicide. Fanning herself is to blame for a major chunk of things, admitting that she had never before encountered emotions and situations in her work. As a result, despite the fact that the latter third of the series is a bit inconsistent, the series’ success may be attributed to the cast’s enormous talent and dedication to their roles.

The KillingThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

Even if this choice on the list is a better reflection of how I’m feeling right now in terms of comfort rewatches, the fact that Sud’s American remake of the original Danish Forbrydelsen has made it onto Hulu made me want to devote some of my free time after work to unraveling the mystery surrounding Rosie Larsen’s disappearance. This decision to leave loose ends untied at the end of Season 1 was treated with disdain by viewers and reviewers alike when it first aired, but rewatching it now is the closest you’ll ever get to a comfort-blanket viewing experience. This season, The Killing has become almost like a wind-down show, thanks to its strong performances from Enos (who has gotten better) and Kinnaman (who has gotten better), despite its twisty mystery that might overstay its welcome.

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Life & BethThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

With Life & Beth, Schumer joins the small-screen comedy landscape in revealing more of her own experience to the public, and the results have never been more successful. When it comes to both her professional and personal lives, Amy Schumer’s Beth (the comedian’s middle name) has been imprisoned in a condition of lethargy. When she returns to her Long Island roots, the show can also go back in time and show us how Beth (Young) grew up to become the woman she is now (Rapaport and Benanti play Beth’s parents). While the concept may sound familiar, Schumer’s execution succeeds, with the comedian and writer (and helmer as a director on numerous episodes) being her most personal and powerful endeavor to date.

The DropoutThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

This is not an isolated phenomenon; several based on true stories lately have been less than stellar, but there’s The Dropout, which is worth the price of admission. Theranos follows the story of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and her on-again, off-again boyfriend and Theranos COO Sunny Balwani closely, but the Hulu adaptation knows the difference between making its lead overly sympathetic and a flinch. Seyfried is to be credited with much of that, and her performance merits an Emmy nomination, if not an award, on its own. A nice thing about The Dropout is that it won’t leave you feeling anything other than an array of conflicted feelings.

Pam & TommyThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

To be sure, Pam and Tommy are more thoughtful than the marketing would have you believe; it follows the rapid spread of a seemingly salacious celebrity-sex tape on the internet and the public’s consciousness that follows, but it also addresses the very real privacy issues raised by this stolen property making its way online (especially since several people mistakenly believed, at the time, that Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee had leaked the tape themselves). I can’t help but think that the Hulu series might be bringing Pamela Anderson’s real story back into the spotlight, but it does so in a way that shows empathy for those who need it most, while also criticizing its audience for its tendency to latch on to the latest big headline without considering the humanity underneath. The spectator is ultimately responsible for determining whether or not the final product is successful.

How I Met Your FatherThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

Even while prior attempts to start a follow-up series to How I Met Your Mother have met with varying degrees of success, this isn’t the first time a creative team has attempted to do so (if you can call not making it past the pilot stage success, that is). Time and distance from the original may have been what How I Met Your Father needed the most to succeed. Now that Ted Mosby and his pals are no longer around, it’s Sophie’s (Duff) turn, with Cattrall serving as the older version of the character rather than a wordless omniscient narrator, to recount the history of the dating scene. However, the show’s diversity works in the show’s favor; time will tell if this cast will win over our hearts in the same way as its predecessors. Because nothing could be more excruciating than the original HIMYM conclusion, this show can only go up from here — and it’s off to an excellent start.

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Grey’s AnatomyThe Best Shows on Hulu Right Now

For years, I was a regular Grey’s Anatomy follower. Surgeons in training at Seattle Grace had to deal with a bomb in a bodily cavity just after Super Bowl XLVII, and I remember turning in each week to see fresh episodes. Christina Ricci and Kyle Chandler will appear in the same episode, right? Honestly, who could forget? It has always been a reliable comfort show, even if I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with the most recent seasons of this long-running medical drama. As the ABC drama enters its 18th season with no indications of slowing down, the series theme tune has never felt more relevant than it does right now: nobody knows where they might wind up! While you’re waiting, Hulu’s got all of the heartache, struggle, and honestly bizarre medical cases for you to rewatch again and again.

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