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The Best Looking Wands In Harry Potter

When I was a kid, I wanted a Harry Potter wand more than anything else. I remember making wands out of pen and paint-brushes. Hell, I even made wands out of badminton rackets! Simply put, the thought of owning a wand made so happy I spent all my time imagining what I would do if I could actually channel magic.

Throughout the films and the books, Harry Potter fans have been treated to some truly gorgeous looking wands. All thanks to production designer, Stuart Craig, the wand design truly evokes the imaginativeness of Rowling’s impeccably crafted world. (Though it’s a shame Daniel Radcliffe broke about eighty wands, using them as drum sticks!)

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So with all that said, let’s rank the best wands in the Potterverse:

Harry Potter

The Elder Wand

First debuting in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Elder Wand has stayed consistent throughout its appearances. Its long and elegant design coupled with the engravings truly makes it seem like the most powerful wand in existence. Fashioned by Death itself and with Thestral Hair as its core, the wand is infamous for switching allegiances on a whim.

The Holly Wand

Owned by Harry Potter himself, the Holly Wand’s appearance was changed twice during the series. The wand evolved from a clean looking stick to a more rugged appearance once Alfonso Cuaron took over directorial reigns. Eleven inches long and with a core of Phoenix Feather, I personally prefer the original iteration of the wand. It’s cleaner and more polished look is gorgeous to behold. Nothing against Cuaron’s changes though, of course!

Harry Potter

Lord Voldemort’s wand, frankly put, isn’t anywhere near as elegant as the previous wands on the list. But at the same time, the wand reflects its owner’s personality very closely. Pale from tip to bottom, the Yew wand is a twin of the Holly wand, sharing the same phoenix core. The wand looks like a deadly foil to our hero’s weapon, and every bit as menacing as it should be.

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