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The Batman: Peter Sarsgaard Who Will Play A Gotham Politician Reveals Facts About His Character


David Mudd

You all must know by now that Peter Sarsgaard will also be seen in the DC’s Pattinson starring “The Batman”. On a talk show recently, the actor had a lot to say about his character in the upcoming superhero movie. Let’s find out more about it.

DC’s Upcoming Movie: The Batman

“The Batman” is a reboot of DC’s Batman films franchise. The movie is an upcoming superhero action which will centre the rich vigilante of the Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, aka the Batman.

What Happened To Affleck Playing The Batman?

The production of a reboot of the Batman was in talks for a long time. After Batman Vs Superman was released, there were plans for it, with all reigns in Affleck’s hands. He was to produce, direct, co-write and play Wayne in the film.

Either all the responsibility didn’t sit well with Affleck, or he just lost passion for it somewhere along the way: we’re not sure which. In 2019, Affleck had decided that he was not the man for it, and stepped down from the project.

That is when Pattinson was approached with the project, who didn’t even blink before saying yes.

The Modified Cast And Crew Of The Batman

Matt Reeves is directing the upcoming movie and is also co-writing it alongside Mattson Tomlin.

Robert Pattinson is starring the film as Bruce Wayne, or Batman. Zoe Kravitz is playing Selina Kyle, who also happens to be the Catwoman. Paul Dano is playing Edward Nashton or the Riddler. Jeffrey Wright plays James Gordon, Peter Sarsgaard plays Gil Colson, Jayme Lawson plays Bella Real, Colin Farrell plays Oz Cobblepot or Penguin, Andy Serkis plays Alfred Pennyworth and John Turturro plays Carmine Falcone.

We have more actors joining the project, whose roles have not been declared to yet: Gil Perez-Abraham, Max Carver and Charlie Carver.

Robert Pattinson's Batman Suit Can Be Blue And Grey - According To Reports

When Can We See The Movie?

The movie is scheduled to hit the theatres on June 25th, 2021.

Peter Sarsgaard Talks About His Character In The Movie

Sarsgaard was recently invited to the talk show of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”. When the conversation moved in the direction of the movie, Sarsgaard talked about the kind of role he was playing in it.

He is playing in the movie the character of Gil Colson. Colson is a District Attorney, a politician. Sarsgaard pointed out a peculiar quality of his character that might place him in a negative role in the film. He’s a politician who can’t seem to stop lying. A lying Politician in Gotham, well, we’re sure Wayne is repulsed by such people.

For more news on the movie, stay tuned with us.