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The Babysitter 3: Plot | Release Date | Cast

The Babysitter is an American supernatural horror drama by McG that was released in 2017. The movie mainly focused on a Satan-worshipping demonic cult that consisted of 6 high school students. Bee, who is the babysitter the title refers to, is their leader. The rest of the group are Bee’s partners in crime (literally). Babysitter 3 is a must watch!

Whenever horror movies come out, there is always a strong sense of anticipation that precedes the release. The exciting trailer did a great on creating the horror– appropriate mood. Samara Weaving’s presence did a lot to increase the viewership.

The positive responses of the audience promoted McG to go for a sequel to this movie and so he did. The sequel, known as The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen. Read on to know more about the series and a strong chance of The Babysitter 3.

The plot of The Babysitter 3

Cole is in his pre-teen years and his school life has been very difficult. Being tagged weak and nerdy, he often gets bullied by the stronger kids. He feels isolated and sad because he cannot share this with anyone. His sadness over being weak and timid brews up.  

Cole meets Bee

On a fateful day, when he was being hit, a beautiful High School student comes and scares the bullies off. This beautiful girl is Bee who turns out to be Cole’s new Babysitter. Cole is very happy to see how nice and cool his new babysitter is. They become friends pretty easily. Bee never harasses or bullies Cole. On the other hand, Bee and Cole spend much quality time together and Cole has never been happier. 

Little does Cole know what nightmares will be brought by this dream babysitter. 

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The Demonic cult of The Babysitter 3

One night, when Cole’s parents are not at home and Cole pretends to be asleep, Bee brings some of her friends over and plays spin the bottle. Cole, spies on Bee secretly, as he enjoys a peek at the Forbidden adult world. 

Cole discovers something terrible that night. He learns that Bee and her friends are Devil’s disciples, literally. They sacrifice innocent ‘s blood to Worship Devil and in return, they lead their dream life. Cole witnesses Bee killing Samuel. Just when he discovers this, he too is discovered by the frenzied group. 

After a long game of cat and mouse chase finally, all of them die but Bee seems to be alive. 

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The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen 

The sequel to the first part was released directly on Netflix in 2020. The sequel didn’t follow the already set genre of the previous movie. The first movie followed the genre of horror and supernatural. But the second one is more like a horror-comedy. 

Cole’s story 

featuring cole and melanie from the babysitter 3
Showcasing Judah Lewis and Emily Alyn Lind from The Babysitter

The sequel shows Cole, now in junior high, still trying to cope with the event regarding his human sacrificing demon worshipper babysitter. Cole’s truth never had any credibility, to begin with, and so naturally he is sent to a therapist. When Cole is tired of everything, his childhood crush Melanie asks him to join a getaway lake house. What Cole doesn’t know is that he is far from being safe with Melanie.

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The Twist  —   A New Queen 

featuring bee from the babysitter 3
Showcasing Samara Weaving from The Babysitter: Killer Queen

There, to his horror, Cole discovers that Bee’s gang is back from death and this time they won’t let Cole get away easily. The twist here is here — Melanie, Cole’s childhood best friend and crush, has become Devil’s dealer and would kill anyone for more power.

The gang post-death seems to be crazier. They again try to kill Cole. While trying to save himself, Cole finds that the new girl from school, Phoebe, is also there and becomes a target as Cole takes her help. Now both of them must fight for their lives. 

Bee is back

The second movie shows Bee coming back from the dead. She tells Phoebe and Cole that she had loved them both and did everything in her power to help them. She only asked Cole to join her cult so that Cole could have a good life. She made a deal with the Devil to save Phoebe’s life too.

Finally, she kills herself because she is an undead demon who doesn’t belong to the human world. 

Reception: Critics and viewers divided

When The Babysitter first released in 2017 gained a lot of attention because of Samara Weaving’s (Bee) performance and kind of set her up as the “New It girl of the horror movie genre “.  Apart from this, the cruel deaths, gushing blood and the budding romance — all added to the charm of the movie and a huge number of viewership.  

The scene where Bee kills Samuel with a pair of daggers staking through his head, shocked viewers. It was a hardcore grotesque scenario that was devoured with pleasure by the fans. Bee connecting with Cole was also a nice touch. 

The Babysitter: Killer Queen, the sequel  

The Babysitter, the sequel has divided the critics and the general audience are divided regarding the responses. According to a large number of critics, the second movie didn’t perform nearly as well. It is neither a proper horror movie nor has it provided the necessary supernatural storyline. The role of the parents is pretty absurd too. Expert commentators have given the status of “Cash grabs”. 

 Whereas critics did not like the movie, fans of horror comedy did. Melanie and Bee reversing their roles seem to be working for the Netflix viewers. The budding romance of Cole and Phoebe has made the fans fall for it even more. 

Inevitable comparison 

Compared to the first one, the second one has not received the kind of response that was looked forward to. The use of comic moments seems to be off, as said by critics. 

The Babysitter

photoshoot of the cast of the babysitter 3
Featuring the talented cast of The Babysitter 3!

Despite a disappointing sequel, the director McG has been pretty enthusiastic about a third part of the movie. But he has also said the following:

” We have the story, and I firmly put it in the hands of the audience. If the audience wants it, they’ll see it and we’ll do it and, if they say, ‘No, I don’t like this, then we won’t. And I would love to because I would love to conclude the arc of the Cole character.”

What can we expect from The Babysitter 3? 

There are many things that we can expect. One strong possibility is the new relationship between Phoebe and Cole and their next adventure together. Even though all the major characters are dead, the franchise might bring back the satanic cult (They did come back from the dead once). Bee too might come back. 

What mainly has set up the premise for a third part is the Devil’s book which seems to be unscathed.

Possible date of Release of The Babysitter 3

Director McG has clearly said that he would solely depend on the audience’s opinion regarding the next part. If he does go for it, it will probably be a direct Netflix launch. But Netflix has not revealed much about this project going forward. 

Since nothing was confirmed officially, no date could be given at this point. 


Horror movies have an undying charm. They are an extremely popular genre. To satisfy the demanding bunch of audience, the movies must maintain a certain standard. The first movie of the series managed to pull it off whereas the second one fell behind. 

What could be a better way to even it out by another part 3? The new part will provide a lot of new avenues for the directors and writers to explore as well as to present a great gift for the fans who have been such good support to the series.

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