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The Alex Cooper Story: An Ultimate Guide that You Must Know:

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The Alex Cooper Story:

Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story is an American biographical drama TV film released on 28th September 2019. The movie was directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt and produced by Kyle A. Clark and Lina Wong. The film is 87 minutes long and was distributed by Lifetime.

The screenplays by “Michelle Paradise” in “The Alex Cooper Story” are based on the memoir “Saving Alex: When I Was Fifteen I Told My Mormon Parents I Was Gay and Thats When My Nightmare Begin” by Alex Cooper and Joanna Brooks of 2016, which records the experiences and brutalities suffered by Cooper while she was sen to a conversion therapy home.

The Alex Cooper Story: Who performed in the series?

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The Alex Cooper Story

  • Addison Holley appeared as Alex Cooper
  • Nicolette Pearse in the role of Frankie Jackson
  • Ian Lake acted as Jonathon Simms “Johnny”
  • Sara Booth in the role of Tiana Simma
  • Kate Drummond as Mrs. Cooper
  • Stevan Cumyn in the act of Mr. Cooper
  • Wilson Cruz as Paul C. Burke
  • Elisa Moolecherry as Carol Lynn
  • Stephan Joffe played the character of Jason
  • Kaleb Horn as Damon
  • Dante Scott appeared in the appearance of Henry
  • Sophie Michael Maluri acted as Mary
  • Emma Victoria Jackson in the role of Emma
  • Leo Orgil appeared as Wyatt
  • Alexandra Chavez in the role of Daniella Lopez
  • Humberly Gonzalez as Hannah Lopez
  • Alexander Elliot in the character of Spencer
  • Michelle Arvizu as Sister Lopez
  • Lynne Griffin appeared as Grandma
  • Roger Dunn played the role of Grandpa
  • Laurie Murdok in the role of Bishop Carver
  • Nile Seguin acted as Mr. Luis

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The Alex Cooper Story: What was the storyline that bound the audience?

Alex Cooper (Addison Holley) was a 15-year-old girl who lives in Victorville, California. One Day, she appears as a lesbian to her Mormon parents (Kate Drummond and Steven Cumyn) and she reveals that she has fallen in love with her friend Frankie (Nicolette Pearse).

As a result, her parents take her to Utah where she can live with Simms which was told by Alex’s grandparents (Roger Dunn and Lynne Griffin).

There, Johnny and Tiana Simms (Ian Lake and Sara Booth) abuse Alex for being a lesbian whilst they beat her and punish her by wearing her a backpack full of rocks and they think that this is a way to get her to become straight.

The Alex Cooper Story: Ratings and Reviews

The Alex Cooper Story received mixed ratings from the audience and it was rated as 29 % by Rotten Tomatoes and 6.1 out of 10 by IMDb.

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Where to watch The Alex Cooper Story?

The Alex Cooper Story is streaming online on Direct TV, Lifetime, and Spectrum on Demand. You can also rent it on Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, you can buy it on Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, and Microsoft.


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