The Alchemy of Souls Netflix Original Is Becoming a Fan-favorite in Period Drama Genre!


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The K-drama production line keeps churning out fresh programs, and this summer, fans all over the world are eagerly down the minutes before the newest program, Alchemy of Souls Netflix, debuts internationally.

The Hong Sisters, Jung-Eun, as well as Mi-ran, famed for Hotel Del Luna and Korean Odyssey, are the creators of the Alchemy of Souls Netflix.

The show transports everyone to Daeho, a mythical locale where magicians have tamed nature’s power. A sword-wielding assassin discovers herself in a situation she can’t simply chop and slash her own through when her soul gets unintentionally trapped in another body.

Alchemy of Souls Netflix, a South Korean historical drama created by tvN and authored by Hong Mi Ran as well as Hong Jung Eun is available on Netflix. Park Joon Hwxa oversees the direction of the show.

So let’s begin this historical series!

What Do We Know About the Release Date of Alchemy of Souls Netflix?

Alchemy of Souls Netflix

Alchemy of Souls Netflix first episode was originally slated to premiere via Netflix on Saturday, June 18, 2022, somewhere at the time this story was being written.

As for the fans waiting for the next episode, the ninth episode of Alchemy of Souls Netflix will air on July 16, 2022. The timeframe is 3:00 PM (BST), and this can occasionally change.

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Around 9:10 PM, the South Korean television broadcaster tvN premieres new episodes. Alchemy of Souls subsequently releases new installments for global streaming an hour or more after the local transmission wraps up while Netflix is also airing the show.

What Is the Storyline of This Mythical Drama?

Alchemy of Souls Netflix

Alchemy of Souls, commonly known as “Soul Marriage” or “Return,” is indeed a fantasy time-travel drama that is now airing. Alchemy of Souls would depict the tale of Jang Wook, a prominent family member in the mythical nation of Daeho.

It is widely believed that Jang Wook is really a troublemaker, and the locals are always whispering amongst themselves about an unpleasant birth secret.

But when he encounters an elite warrior locked within the form of a blind woman named Mu Deok one day, his luxury lifestyle is about to be flipped upside down. And after a little persuasion, Mu Deok consents to serve him in exchange for one thing: they must practice their combat skills behind closed doors.

Arriving with blue-gray skin, a bizarre wicked figure charges at them. Fortunately, Jang Gang, a demon slayer, shows in and smashes it all around the chamber. He imprisons it using water powers that he summons.

This seems that this creature belongs to the woman’s son, who is becoming unstable. She begs Jang Gang to return him though it is useless because he has already gone too far. Ultimately, Jang throws this wild being into the murky depths below. After losing its potency, it transforms into rock.

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The King complains about his bad luck in becoming ill when Jang gets summoned to Royal Palace. Nevertheless, Jang was indeed working on developing a spell that enables soul transmigration. The King is informed of this and desires to enter Jang’s soul to flip their positions for a brief period, that is, seven days.

Jang is cautious, reminding out that it’s forbidden magic, but it’s difficult to oppose the King’s will. He accepts to do something like this reluctantly. They have switched around when he does the magic.

But Do-Hwa, Jang’s lover, is the one the King is aiming for here. Without telling the poor woman that perhaps the actual Jang Gang is trapped in the incorrect body, he rushes out just to make love with her because of the intention of having her become pregnant.

Jump ahead 20 years, and indeed the conceived child has developed into Jang Wook, who is currently present at the Park Jin-supervised royal castle. However this is the powerful Nak-Su, not that would be the aim. She is a shadow assassin that repels countless royal soldiers who attempt to capture her using her watery abilities.

Who Is Playing the Roles of Those Powerful Warriors?

Alchemy of Souls Netflix

Many Netflix users may be familiar with Lee Jae Wook due to his roles in movies like Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol as well as Extraordinary You. Jang Wook will be portrayed by Jae Wook.

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Park Hye-Eun was initially confirmed to portray the female lead role. She eventually, decide to quit the show in July 2021 after reaching a consensus with the production crew. Actress Jung So-min was therefore allowed to play Mu Deok.

Seo Yul and Go Won will indeed be portrayed by, Hwang Min Hyun, as well as Shin Seung Ho, respectively. Yoo Joon Sang, who was seen inside The Uncanny Counter, is portraying the role of Park Jin.

Trailer of Alchemy of Souls Netflix!

Let’s enjoy this period drama through this trailer, as we wait for new episodes to launch.


How many episodes of Alchemy of Souls Netflix will be available to Stream?

The 20 episodes of Alchemy of Souls Netflix will indeed be distributed over ten weeks.

What is the estimated runtime of the series?

The average duration of each broadcast seems to be 80 minutes.

What is the IMBD rating of the series?

The IMBD rating of Alchemy of Souls is 8.5/10.


The Alchemy of Souls is intriguing, with elements of a K-drama that is present. There is also complex lore that will take several episodes to make sense.

But even though the program does an excellent job of setting the tone and tempo from the start, there are indeed a lot of elements presented in a short amount of time.