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The Affair Season 4: Episodes | Reviews | Awards


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The wait is already over because “The Affair Season 4” has already been released.

“At Some point, fate takes over a story, and even the author himself loses control.”

 You know who said this quote and from where this quote is taken?

You are right; the quote is taken from “The Affair”, and the one who says it is “Yvonne”.

If you love American television dramas, then you must be having this season on your list. Sarah Treen and Hagai Levi created the series with 5 seasons till now. The last episode of the 5th season was launched on November 3, 2019.

The series depicts the emotional effects of an extramarital affair that prevails between Dominic West, who plays Noah Solloway and Ruth Wilson, who plays the role of Alison Bailey.

The affair Season 4

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The Affair Season 4 Overview

The Affair Season 4 has its first episode aired on June 17, 2018, and the last episode was aired on August 19, 2018. A lot happened from the first season to the 3rd season, from Alison’s brother-in-law’s death, leading to a police investigation about the crime scene to Noah is sent to jail (find out why) in season 3. 

In season 4, you will see Noah in Los Angeles, as he has moved to come closer to his young children Stacey and Trevor. At the same time, Alison is working as a grief counsellor in season 4. 

Season 4 Episode 1

In the first episode of season 4, Noah struggles to adjust to his new life since he moved to Los Angeles. The reason behind his relocation is to come closer to his kids. On the other hand, Helen has discovered the root behind her anxiety after a new catastrophe. 

 Season 4 Episode 2

To save the deal from slipping out of hand, he keeps on trying to keep Alison away. When Cole comes across a local surfer, he has a troubling thought about whether he is the same person he used to be a few years back. At the end of the episode, Alison is saved by a handsome strange man.  

Season 4 Episode 3

Now Noah is trying to teach his students a lesson on civic duty that spirals out of control. On the other side, Helen has become intolerant of Vik’s decision, this is why she goes behind his back.

The affair Season 4

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Season 4 Episode 4 to Episode 9

There is so much that happens in these episodes, from jeopardizing Cole’s marriage because of the relationship he has with Alison to Ben’s confession about Alison’s truth. Middle of all this hassle, Vik decides that it is high time and he needs to live for himself now. On the other side, Alison has a surprising discovery about her father? 

What do you think this discovery is all about?

Watch Season 4 and let me know in the comment section what you have found out.

When Noah and Anton started their journey with high hopes, a call shatters all the hopes they had. 

Season 4 Episode 10

Finally, Noah and Anton visit Princeton at the end of season 4, where Noah surprisingly meets his old friend. On the other hand, Helen has got a new perspective in life, which is a relief for her. 


The Affair season 4
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How is the Affair Season 4 doing so far?

Season 4 has a 76% score from the audience and a 91% score from the critics, as per the Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The series till now has won many accolades. You will be happy to see some:-

  •     For being the Best Television series– Drama “The Affair” won Golden Globe Award  
  •     Wilson won the Best Actress in television series drama award
  •     Maura Tierney has won the award for Best supporting actress
  •     In 20th and 21st Satellite Awards, Dominic West won the Best Actor– Television series Drama Award
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Wrapping Up

Now you know a lot about season 4, right? If you haven’t watched season 4 till now, I am sure you must be excited to see it, but if you have already watched it, then knowing all about the series again is interesting, right?

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