The A List Season 2: We Have Exciting Information About Release Date!


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Season 1 writer Dan Berlinka previously characterized “The A List,” a supernatural British adolescent drama as “‘Mean Girls’ meets Lost,”. The A List Season 2 is all set to return to Netflix after a long hiatus for a new set of episodes. The program follows a group of British teenagers who attend a summer camp on a mystery island. But their once-in-a-lifetime vacation quickly devolves into a twisted nightmare.

The first season of “The A List” introduced viewers to Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar), a powerful, pleasant young lady. She arrives at a British summer camp on Peregrine Island intending to be the group’s dominant figure. On the other hand, Mia meets Amber (Ellie Duckles), a mysterious character who becomes the focus of attention almost immediately. Mia begins to observe a sequence of bizarre incidents that seem to follow Amber everywhere she goes. She tries to manage her jealousy and enjoy her summer on the lovely island off the coast of the United Kingdom.

The A List Season 2

Season 1 of the show aired three years ago. The majority of the cast is back for the second season. With The A List Season 2, there are a few minor changes to anticipate. So here’s everything you need to know before the Netflix premiere. While the show’s future had been in doubt since the BBC decided not to create The A List Season 2. Deadline announced late in 2019 that it will continue owing to fresh funding from Netflix. Viewers will soon be able to return to the gripping storylines of “The A-List” after a protracted production period. The A List Season 2‘s release date, returning cast, and narrative are all detailed below for fans.

Release Date of The A List Season 2?

According to a BBC News interview with executive producer Anne Brogan. iPlayer streaming service created the first season of “The A-List”. In order to compete with adolescent dramas like “Riverdale,” which premiered on the CW and then moved to Netflix. The popularity of “The A-List” in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, drew the attention of none other than Netflix. This platform is the one who, soon purchased global distribution rights. According to a Deadline interview with the prominent writer Nina Metivier. That agreement would be crucial when the BBC unexpectedly walked out of creating The A List Season 2. Further enabling Netflix to take the lead on crafting new episodes.

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The premiere date for the follow-up was set to be December 28, 2019, according to the deadlines set. But the impending COVID-19 pandemic would prevent the show from returning quickly. After more than a year of waiting. Fans learned the release date for The A List Season 2 via the official Netflix trailer. On June 25, 2021, the program will resume.

Who Is in Season 2 of the Show?

Netflix has been tight-lipped about what we can expect from The A List Season 2 but the recent release of the official trailer at least indicates which cast members will be returning. Mia will be played by Lisa Ambalavanar, while Rosie Dwyer will reprise her role as Mia’s snarky pal Alex. Ellie Duckles will reprise her role as the mysterious Amber, while Michael Ward and Cian Barry will reprise their roles as Brendan and Dave, who link up with Mia to discover Peregrine Island’s mysteries. Georgina Sadler (Petal), whose relationship with Alex was prominent in Season 1, and Savannah Baker (Kayleigh) round out the cast. Finally, Indiana Ryan will return as Midge, the missing young lady spoiler alert! – emerges abruptly midway through the first season, and Max Lohan will reprise his role as Luka.

The A List Season 2

The show will also introduce a new figure, a middle-aged lady in command of a mystery institution. On the other hand, Netflix has yet to reveal the new cast members for The A List Season 2.

What Is the Plot of The A List Season 2?

Because no one affiliated with the program has addressed the next chapter in-depth, the official trailer is the most significant source for fans to try to piece together what the narrative of The A List Season 2 will be. The A List Season 2, will thoroughly address the cliffhanger finale of Season 1, based on the limited video revealed in the forthcoming season’s promos.

In Season 1, the groups’ bizarre experiences are described as hallucinations caused by a hazardous chemical leak, but Dave and Brendan are convinced that something more sinister is being hidden. Meanwhile, Alex, Kayleigh, and Midge have been taken to a strange facility, which Mia chooses to investigate in order to learn more about what’s going on with her and her pals.

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It also appears that Mia, Midge, and Amber all develop a stronger bond with the supernatural abilities they initially encountered in the first season of the show. To discover what these new talents entail for the characters of “The A-List,” fans will have to wait until June 25 to see all eight The A List Season 2 episodes.

What Occurred in Season One of the Show?

Season 1 of The A-List premiered on BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom in October 2018 before being picked up by Netflix in July of the following year. A gang of adolescents arrives at Peregrine Island for a summer of fun in The A-List. Typical teenage behavior includes a lot of bickering, psychological strain, and teen romance.

The A List Season 2

But this is no ordinary island, and some campmates’ weird happenings and powers begin to surface shortly after. Amber, one of the characters, is a continuous nemesis who has the capacity to manipulate the minds of anybody she comes into contact with. She’s always in conflict with Mia, who finally rallies the rest of the camp to oppose Amber. We won’t give anything away about what occurs in The A-List season 1’s 13 episodes, but know that it finishes on a cliffhanger.

What Will Be Different in Season 2 of the A-list?

With one notable exception, the majority of the cast returns for season two. Barnaby Tobias has replaced Jacob Dudman, who portrayed Dev in the first season. Dudman can now be seen in two more Netflix series: The Stranger and Fate: The Winx Saga, in which he plays Thomas Price and Sam Harvey, respectively.

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Amber is played by Ellie Duckles (The Bay), while Mia is played by Lisa Ambalavanar (Doctors). Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier, the show’s co-creators, wrote and directed the second season. With an eight-episode run, it will be slightly shorter than the first.


The A List Season 2 will be available to stream in its entirety beginning on Friday, June 25. If you want to catch up on the first season before the new episodes air, Season 1 is also available now. Presently, there is no word on whether The A-List will be renewed for a third season.