The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2: Get Release Date And Cast Info Here!


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Netflix’s love for foreign series knows no bounds. The 7 Lives Of Lea is a French supernatural mystery drama which is available on Netflix. This series took the body-swapping trope to whole next level by adding elements of supernatural fiction that have rarely hit the screens before.

Adapted from the novel Les 7 Vies de Léo Belami by Nataël Trapp, this series revolves around Lea who switched bodies with 7 different people for 7 consecutive days. Let us embark on a journey and explore the cast and plot of Season 2.

What Is The Release Date Of The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2?

There is no confirmed date for the premiere of The  7 Lives Of Lea Season 2. Netflix has not announced any plans for its renewal. Also, the series has not been cancelled yet. If renewed, The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 can be expected to premiere in late 2024 or early 2025.

7 Lives Of Lea

Season 1 of The 7 Lives Of Lea was released on 28 April 2022. If you want some Rom-Com shows and want something new on your list then Check out Ticket to Paradise Release Date: George Clooney and Julia Roberts’s Upcoming Rom-Com Film.

Where To Watch The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2?

The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 will be available on Netflix if the series is renewed for another season. The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 1 is available on Netflix with multiple language support. English subtitles are also available if you want to watch it in the original French format.

Are There Any Teaser or Trailer of The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2?

7 Lives Of Lea

The official teaser and  trailer of The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 is not released by the Netflix. You can watch the Official Trailer of 7 Lives Of Lea Season 1 here. To this date there is no official trailer of the French series The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2. 

Expected Plot and Storyline of The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2

This supernatural fiction series revolves around Lea. Lea is not happy with her life but she is okay with it. After a party the 17 year old Lea wakes in a body of Ismael 30 years back. The body has reduced to bones. But Lea  somehow possesses it. She in Ismael body has been relentlessly trying to find the cause of his death and how she can avoid it.

In this pursuit, she has entered the body of 6 different persons. As she lives in their bodies, she gets entangled in issues that are too distracting for her to find the cause of his own death. The season 2 is expected to carry forward the plot of the saeson 1 as the mystery of the death is not solved yet.

Fans world-wide are waiting for the renewal for The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2. The second season is expected to disclose the identity of the murderer and the past events of Lea’s life. Looking for exciting Adam Sandler voiceovers? Hotel Transylvania 4: Check Out The Cast, Storyline, Trailer, Release Date, And Every Latest Update You Need To Know!

7 Lives Of Lea

Cast Of The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2

The cast for The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 is not announced by the makers. Netflix has also not announced anything related to that matter as well. We can expect Raïka Hazanavicius to reprise her role as Lea. The cast for the season 1 of The 7 Lives Of Lea is as below.

  • Raïka Hazanavicius as Léa. the protagonist of the series who dies. But her soul is alive and possesses the 7 different persons to find the cause of her death.
  • Khalil Ben Gharbia as Ismaël. Lea saves Ismael from an accident that could claim his life.
  • Marguerite Thiam Donnadieu as Karine (young).
  • Maïra Schmitt as Romane.
  • Théo Fernandez as Stéphane (young).
  • Rebecca Williams as Sandra. She is pregnant with Pyes’ baby.
  • Anne Azoulay as Patricia. Lea wakes up in the body of Patricia.
  • Alexander Ferrario as Pierre-Yves (young).
  • Mélanie Doutey as Karine (adult).
  • Samuel Benchetrit as Stéphane (adult).
  • Anouar H. Smaine as Monsieur Ibrahim.

The series jumps to and fro between the past and present life of Lea. She uncovers so many disturbing secrets throughout the series. Discover Crater Release Date: A Science Fiction Adventure Film Set To Capture Hearts!

7 Lives Of Lea

Episodes in The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2

The number of episodes in The 7 Lives Of Lea Season 2 is not known yet. The first season of The 7 Lives Of Lea had a total of 7 episodes. Explore Netflix’s Teen Scream Collection: Enter If You Dare! And find the scariest movies fit for teenage (or adult) hearts.


Fans are waiting desperately for the renewal of the second season as they want Ismael to find Lea and what she has done to save him. She erased her existence in the future to save Ismael in the past. Will he be able to find Lea? To get answer, we have to wait for the second season of  The 7 Lives Of Lea.

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