The 5 Best Apps for Easier Email Outreach


Mohit Kamboj

Email remains one of the best ways of connecting with prospects and boosting sales. Many observers view email as geriatric compared to social media, but savvy marketers understand its power. Email inboxes are highly personal spaces, and if you can engage with prospects well, the rewards on offer are huge.

However, email’s personal nature also poses challenges. Outreach is tough, and more often than not, marketers can end up annoying their lists. Technology is here to the rescue though. Here are the 5 best apps that will help you overcome your email outreach issues easily.


When thinking of email prospecting, people often think of email address discovery tools or customization apps. However, email signatures remain one of the least leveraged tools when generating leads. Signatures are non-intrusive and offer your prospects the choice to click or ignore them.

They’re also great for publicizing lead magnets and other digital assets that can capture leads. The WiseStamp email signature generator is a handy tool that will help you create an attractive and professional email signature .

WiseStamp highlights that well-made signatures result in 32% more replies and a 15% increase in leads, compared to emails with text-based signatures. These stats make sense intuitively since signatures are one of the few sections in an email message that are designed to capture the reader’s attention.

For instance, most email clients operate a black and white color scheme. Adding a colorful and attention-grabbing email signature automatically compels your prospects to click and explore more. Thanks to a wide range of signature templates, WiseStamp boosts your signature presence immensely.

Hunter was one of the first email-finding tools to hit the web, and it’s no surprise that it remains one of the best discovery tools out there. While it has many competitors, Hunter’s efficient algorithm makes it the best choice for businesses of all sizes.

Whether it’s verifying an email address, discovering email address patterns, or finding a new email address, Hunter does it all. Users receive 50 free searches every month, after which paid plans offer further access.

Crucially, Hunter also verifies emails, thus combining the power of 2 tools into one package. For instance, users who employ apps such as Voila Norbert (a Hunter competitor) must back it up with another tool that validates emails, such as Dropcontact. This isn’t the case with Hunter.

In a single package, users can power their cold outreach easily, and rest assured that email address error rates remain well below industry benchmarks.


Finding addresses and crafting perfect words is one thing. However, if you reach out to a large number of cold prospects daily, you’ll quickly discover that cold outreach is a time-consuming task. Worse, there’s no guarantee that your emails will receive the responses you desire.

This is where Mailshake is an email outreach automation tool that really works. The tool automates outreach by helping marketers customize their follow-up sequences. Additionally, Mailshake makes it easy to insert customized text and links within email bodies, simplifying personalization.

The result is a unique email that always speaks your prospect’s language. Best of all, Mailshake also includes detailed prospect activity analytics. You can drill down into every portion of your sequence to determine which one is the most responsive. A/B testing emails are also simple thanks to the features the tool houses.

Mailshake is a complete outreach tool, and it even helps you place VOIP calls from within the software.


While you want your prospects to read your emails, what you really want them to do is to take action. Mixmax helps simplify this by offering you a range of email CTAs that you can tailor to fit your audience. Best of all, the tool is free to use.

You can embed CTAs in email bodies. Everything from setting up meetings, to linking to helpful content is possible. You can even prompt your prospects to complete a survey within the email or subscribe to a product.

Well-designed CTAs boost conversions since they remove any inhibition a prospect has towards your product. You can even tailor CTAs to apply soft-selling techniques to further remove any inhibitions a prospect might have.


Sending the first cold email is simple, but how do you handle follow-ups? Every prospect responds differently, and when you’re managing a large lead list, it’s tough to prioritize responses on time. This is where tools such as Woodpecker enter the picture.

Woodpecker helps you create automated follow-up emails that help you prioritize strong leads and nurture less engaged ones. You can create detailed rules surrounding follow-ups based on audience segments and email responses.

Best of all, Woodpecker integrates with popular CRMs such as Hubspot and communication tools such as Zoom. Thus, following up with your prospect and scheduling a meeting is simple.

Better Outreach, More Sales

Email outreach boosts sales. The more efficient your outreach is, the better you can connect with your prospects. In turn, your sales will receive a boost. The right suite of tools will help you achieve your sales goals, and the ones highlighted in this list are the best of the lot.