The 4400 Season 5: Renewed or Cancelled?


David Mudd

Is it possible that people disappeared in the past and then reappeared suddenly after a long time and they didn’t know where they were at that time. And the ages of those persons will remain the same that was at the time of missing.

This drama is almost the same but this type of thing is only seen in the movies or in dramas and 4400 is one of the dramas in which the same things happened.

It is interesting to watch the story of the 4400 drama in which the 4400 people disappeared around 1946 and then suddenly appeared after a long time in Washington states in 2004 and the ages of all the people remained the same.

If this happens in real life then the young one remains young after so many times and this is funny because time can’t affect the disappeared person and then come back in the new year but at the same. But this is not possible in reality.

the 4400 season 5

In the story these people along with others are also surprised as they don’t know where they were during such a time period and what has happened to them and how they appeared after so time in 2004.

The show came on Netflix and it is produced by USA Network. Now all are waiting to know what is the status of the fifth season of the 4400.

Is the show renewed after such a long time or they are just making its reboot after releasing four seasons of the 4400 from the year 2004 to 2007. It is difficult for the maker to make the new season after the fourth and last one again after 2007.

If they are thinking of remaking the series then it is not possible to pick up the same cast and characters and the original plot.

Let’s move further to know everything about the 4400 season 5.

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When Will Season 5 of The 4400 Come?

the 4400 season 5

As we all know, the first season of the 4400 came back in July 2004 which has 5 episodes in it and then its fourth season came with 13 episodes on September 16, 2007.

Then why should they not make another season in 2008 or 2009. Why is there such a long time to make the reboot of Season 5.

It was reported that in 2007 the writers went on strike and there were other problems also which resulted in cancellation of the fifth season and some other reasons are budget cost, lower ratings than expected and many more according to Scott Peters.

Most of the audience who loved the series felt sad when the season did not come and ended on the fourth season with no clear ending.

But till this time there is nothing official that season 5 of the 4400 is coming back and we all are expecting that less chances are there to pick up the series after such a long gap. And therefore we can say that it is mostly probable that there will be no new season as it was cancelled at that time and it is not of any benefit to pick the original series after 14 years.

It was also heard in November 2018 that a reboot of this original series was in the works. We didn’t get any reboot or new season at this moment.

Taylor Elmore and Craig Sweeny contribute as the supervising producer in the reboot and if the series will come then a different story is taken up with new cast members and we will never know the right ending of the series.

If the series comes then we will update this section and if it comes then it will come in late 2022 or 2023.

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Who is Going to be Cast in the 4400 Season 5?

the 4400 season 5

Officially nothing is clear but we will assume that same cast will come if they make season 5 with some faces-

Some of the Cast of the 4400 are-

  • Joel Gretsch as Tom Baldwin.
  • Chad Faust as Kule Baldwin.
  • Billy Campbell as Jordan Collier.
  • Patrick Fueger as Shawn Farrell.
  • Samantha Ferris as Nina Jarvis.
  • Karina Lombard as Alana Mareva.
  • Peter Coyote as Dennis Ryland.
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris with many other members.

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Is There Any Trailer for the 4400 Season 5?

Sorry, yet there is no trailer for the season 5 of the 4400 but still you can enjoy its season 4 trailer which is mentioned below-


The 4400 is a great sci-fi series to watch which received 7.3 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and 95% on Rotten Tomatoes while it earned 69% on TV Guide.

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