Netflix’s The 100 Season 8 is Officially Happening? [Latest Updates]



As time passes by, Netflix’s post-apocalyptic science fiction dramas are getting more popular among people. The streaming platform is already making sure to make enough shows for their subscribers so that they don’t have to look to any other platform for their entertainment. When we talk about such a series, The 100 is one of the popular picks by the audience. 

The series has been hooking up the audience with its super fascinating storyline. Throughout the first season, the show maintained amazing content and premiere great episodes. Created by CW, the 100 is one of their popular TV shows that have run for multiple seasons and gained massive popularity. 

With the airing of the show, the series managed to make massive popularity and even gained huge respect from the worldwide audience. Netflix has already marked the popularity of CW’s show and has been obsessing over its season. The 100 is one of the popular hits of Netflix and has been ranked among the top 5 popular hits of the network. 

With such an amazing history of the show, fans are struck with one question and that is, “Whether there will be  The 100 Season 8 or not? Here is everything you need to learn about the show.

The 100: Know Everything About it!

The 100 is an American fictional drama that premiered in 2014. The show brings an amazing storyline and great character plot to the audience which marks the amazing success of the show. Inspired by the popular novel series by Kass Morgan, the show faces the same title just like the novel. 

The novel is already the best selling and this makes the show more accurate and gets more featured on the screen. Jess Rothenberg was the person behind all these things. Produced under CW, the series turns out one of the most popular shows on the network. The 100 marks its uniqueness through its amazing storyline and great character development.  

So far, the series has already released its 7 seasons and the seventh season was one of the highest watched shows on the platform. When it happened, fans started to question whether or not there will be another season or not.

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The 100 Season 8 Cast: Who will be back in it?

the 100 Season 8

When we talk about The 100, we get an instant click of its bold storyline, great action, and amazing cinematography. Fans loved how the series stands out from the rest of the shows and this was the reason why the show get successful.

As the seventh season was going to be wrapped, many people assumed that there will be more for it.  Before finding out whether the series has something else to tell in the future, we would like to take a trip on the show’s cast that is expected to be back.

Eliza Taylor appeared as Clarke Griffin in the show. Of there will be another season, we would be getting back to her as the main protagonist. The star already get a lot of recognition for her work and she already showed her interest to be cast in the show’s next season. 

Moreover, The eight season will be getting back with Paige Turco will appear as Abigail “Abby” Griffin, Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins, and Eli Goree is getting back as Wells Jaha.

Other than taht, Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Callie “Cece” Cartwig (Kelly Hu), Monty Green (Christopher Larkin), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Thelonious Jaha (Isaiah Washington), Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) are reported to be back. 

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The 100 Season 8: Will there be Another Season?

the 100 Season 8

In an interview, the creators said that “[The series will] be much more tethered to [our] reality. These people lived through the problems of our world, and they’ll have opinions about them. I’d like to do Lost-style flashback episodes to pre-apocalypse times. I want to shoot in restaurants, bars, and homes, and not have to be in the middle of the woods all the time.”

Recently, Deadline reported that the creators of the series have certain plans for the show. Jason Rothenberg, who is the creator of the show, was relieved that they have created the 100 as a 7 season show. His statement reads as, 

“Once it started to feel like it was in it for the long run, we didn’t feel too confident about that ending until roughly the end of season five.

“That is around the time where we made a pitch to the studio network to let us write to an ending, like can we end the show at the end of season seven. At which point, we did begin to formulate our end game.”

In the official interview, while discussing the future of the show, they confirmed that the future of the show is uncertain. There is no hope for the series to welcome another season. While many fans are just waiting for season 8, we don’t think that there will be another chapter to look for.

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The 100 Season 8 Release Date: When it is Going to Release?

the 100 Season 8

The first season of the series was released in 2014 and till now, the show has successfully released 7 seasons.  The officials have confirmed the news by the end of the finale episode of the 100. In an official statement, it was revealed that the series would not continue to move forward. With the news, the fans were broken to hear that there won’t be any more episodes to look for. 

Season 7 of the show will be the last and the final season. The demand for the next season is completely understood since many fans want their favorite show to continue. However, the 100 has already wrapped its ending and there is nothing left to cover. 

Is there any official trailer to watch?

The 100 Season 8 has already been canceled, which means there won’t be any official trailer for you guys to look for. On the other hand, we have the official trailer for season 7. If any of you have missed the official trailer then here it is. 

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