Texts for Site Categories: SEO Techniques


Sandeep Singh

SEO texts for an online store or a corporate site are content that depends on how pages are indexed, whether they will be at the top of search results, or whether users will perform the intended action. Therefore, you should not leave categories of the web resource without articles or fill them with low-quality material. Adding useful content and installing proxy server online that is much better than your competitors will result in top rankings and increased sales from your site.

What should be the categorical SEO texts for an online store? How can copywriters fulfill the requirements of the technical task and at the same time prepare useful articles for users?

Volume and Quality of the Categorical Article

The uniqueness and usefulness of SEO texts for online stores are important indicators for Google. When analyzing the content on the sites of competitors that occupy leading positions in search results, you should pay attention to:

  1. The type of texts used – do they correspond to the user’s Internet and solve the problem, or are they just SEO articles with an excess of keywords?
  2. Content volume, keywords, and LSI queries.
  3. Are there certificates, or letters confirming the company’s expertise on the category pages?
  4. Are the prices of the products indicated?
  5. Is there visual content in the category section: photos, collages, infographics?
  6. Are tables used to compare products by key characteristics?
  7. Is outdated and outdated content updated?
  8. Frequency of posting articles.

After a simple analysis, it becomes clear what volume and quality of content are best to use. On the basis of the received data, a copywriter’s technical task with key and LSI queries and recommendations on content is drawn up.

The Structure of Categorical SEO Texts for Online Stores

When visiting the site of your online store, the first thing that potential buyers evaluate is its visual component. Properly designed text for product categories is an important part of building an online site for your business.

Solid SEO text for an online store is not only perceived worse by the client, it simply won’t want to read it. What does the site visitor see in front of him in such a case? Text canvas without indents and paragraphs in a uniform presentation, without selections and semantic accents.

Such SEO text for an online store visually looks larger and difficult to read. Therefore, even if you submitted cool unique information in the article, but neglected the design, the price of such a text is not high.

To make text content more visually appealing, we recommend using H2 and H3 headings, introductions, paragraphs, indents, lists, etc.

In order for category articles to provide comprehensive answers to user queries, we recommend following the plan:

  1. Heading H1 (H2).
  2. The beginning of the article is a description of the problem (1–2 paragraphs).
  3. The solution to the problem is the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) (1-2 paragraphs).
  4. Description of goods presented in the category.
  5. In the block “Why you should make a purchase right here” – we describe the advantages of the service, promotions, certificates and awards, special offers, and features that distinguish the company from competitors.
  6. Call to action with contact details.

Depending on the direction of the business, the structure can be adjusted.

If the search engine has recognized that the categorical SEO text for the online store is not of sufficient quality, the indexing of the entire site may decrease critically. Take into account the convenience of the Internet site, the usefulness of the information provided, and compliance with current ranking algorithms.