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Tesla: Workers Being Ordered To Come To Work Despite Of Concerns


David Mudd

Tesla Workers: While the world is going into a shutdown due to coronavirus outbreak, there are still places that stand unaffected. With the pandemic affecting so many cases, negligence on any part is being avoided to deal with the situation. However, employees of Tesla are still being called to work. This was stated in an email addressed to the employees on Wednesday.

The Fremont Branch of Tesla is getting no break due to coronavirus. This has raised many eyebrows. Many people have questioned the threat that this will cause to personal health and safety. But, after facing conflicting orders from the various levels of the government, the factory is working without a halt.

Tesla Workers

What Is The Issue? (Tesla Workers)

The basic issue is of miscommunication. The company has said that it is not an essential business so it should not shut down. This was done past the orders of the sheriff. He has ordered the company to follow the shelter in place directive. This makes every essential and non-essential business compulsory to shelter in place.

They are supposed to shut down for the pandemic. This is due to the global spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The officials of Tesla have not yet spoken on the same issue. This has created an issue between the County and the authorities of Tesla.

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Tesla Workers

What Is Being Done? (Tesla Workers)

The statement of HR has directed the employees to come to work daily. They can take a PTO if they feel sick. If they run out of PTO, they can take an extended leave of 80 hours or 2 weeks. Some employees can also take work from home. But they have to inform their manager about this. Only a few cases are allowed to work from home.

Otherwise, they can use their PTO. If they exhaust their PTO, they can take more leaves. They have to simultaneously follow the procedures for sick time. However, many cars are supposed to be delivered by this branch at this time. So, there is no expectation for this branch to shut down any soon.

Tesla Workers

The Threat

The threat is at a great hike now. So, it was expected that everyone will set up to protect everyone. This will keep everyone from the risk of coronavirus. However, this can be a cause of global concern. It is expected that the companies have to shut down. So, the threat has to be addressed. Everyone is expected to take the necessary precautions.