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Tesla: Tesla Continues To Develop Ventilators For US Hospitals

Tesla will continue to make ventilators for US Hospitals. Moreover, the company has made around 1200 ventilators to date. Read ahead to know more. Also, find out what Tesla has been up to lately.

Tesla To Make More Ventilators

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO initiated the program to develop ventilators for US hospitals. Furthermore, the United States remains the worst affected coronavirus country. Apple, Verizon Ltd, Xfinity, and so on are other American giants assisting the US Government in fighting the coronavirus.

It has delivered around 1200 ventilators to date. The company is planning to make more. Furthermore, these ventilators are made from the scrap parts of the Model 3 car.

The company’s engineers found it easy to make the ventilators as they were very much aware of the parts of the Tesla Model 3 car. Moreover, it was easy to come up with a design that wasn’t too complicated.

Tesla working on new ventilator design using Model 3 screen

Tesla’s Other Activities

The company utilized the quarantine time to launch its autopilot feature in its cars. Moreover, the autopilot feature rolled out in April 2020. Tesla has been testing it for quite some time.

It is only available for Tesla owners who bought the premium update package while buying their Tesla car. The feature is only available for Canada and the United States to date. But post the pandemic, the company plans to launch it in other countries as well.

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Elon Musk Told To Shutdown California Plant

Elon Musk was told to shut down his Tesla manufacturing plant in California in the light of increased coronavirus cases. Moreover, the billionaire was not happy with the decision. He also plans to move his factory to Texas, Nevada if the local authorities do not allow him to open his plant sooner.

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