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Tesla: Elon Musk Wants To Add Video Conferencing To Tesla Cars

Tesla is one of the biggest and the most efficient company in today's time. It specialises towards cleaner fuel by using the sun as a source of energy and electricity operated vehicles.

Since global warming is becoming an alarming concern with changing and desperate times, it is crucial to resort to cleaner fuels and improve the health of nature.

The Proposal (Tesla)

Recently, the idea was proposed to have a video calling feature in the Tesla cars. The proposal was put forward by the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley.

The prospectus of the facility seems to be feasible. In addition to this, the rearview mirror of the car model 3 has a camera, and this gives the image of the interiors of the car.


Elon Musk seems to be in cooperation with this proposal, and he thinks it is definitely possible to bring it to existence. However, a lot of things have to be considered before implementing such a feature.

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The Car

Catch the first look of the Model 3 car by clicking on the link mentioned below!

Tesla Unveils Model 3

The Feature

Looking at the positive side, this is the right way of time management. But if you are headed for an important meeting and are running late, you might as well use this feature to contact the other members.

For instance, the rules have to be laid down very clearly to instruct the driver when he can use the feature. If it is possible to video calling while driving it would possess a potential risk to the driver. But it will also be risky for others on the road.


What are your thoughts about this new and exciting feature? Let us know if you think it is feasible or not in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more buzz on the latest developments in the technology, games, news and much more. Stay home and stay safe. Happy reading.

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