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Tesla: California And New York Factories To Be Shut Due To Coronavirus


David Mudd

Tesla Factories Closing Down: Tesla halting their production factories over coronavirus. New York and California factories closed. Tesla’s electric vehicles produced in the Fremont factory. Besides, energy storage products are from Buffalo factory.

The decision was made after the order from the governments of the two regions. They asked people to stay in the home. Besides, Lockdown orders enacted at San Fransisco on Monday. This includes Alameda County, where the Fremont plant situated.

Tesla Factories Closing Down

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More Details On Shut Down (Tesla Factories Closing Down)

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla. He said it through emails to the employees. This went into effect on Tuesday. The decision was made after meetings with local, state and federal officials. Earlier, New York ordered all non-essential businesses to shut their works from Friday. Besides, all the residents asked to stay in their homes too.

On March 23, their California factory will stop all the production works. It excludes basic operations. Buffalo factory will also stop production. It excludes the production of parts and supplies necessary for the service. However, the Nevada Giga Factory keeps open. Tesla said that it is capable to handle an extended period of uncertainty.

Tesla Factories Closing Down

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They have only one final assembly location in the US. It is the Fremont factory. All deliveries and services will continue as possible. The battery factory in Sparks will not shut down. It is because of its essentiality in services.

Some dangerous statements were made by Elon Musk. That includes words against the governments. After all, Musk called the response of the world to coronavirus “dumb”. He had criticized by people for this. Some of them reported him for violation of twitter rules.

Tesla Factories Closing Down

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