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Tennessee Tornadoes: Live Updates- 25 Dead, Severe Damage, Putnam County Hit

Devastating tornadoes hit Tennesee on Tuesday, damaging property and leaving a rising death toll in the affected areas. Here is everything we know about the tornado situation in Tennessee.

How Bad Is The Tornado Situation In Tennessee?

The devastating tornado that hit Tennessee was one of the three that the area had to suffer in a short period of time. The tornado left streets and cars toppled over with wires and polls. Many buildings were also destroyed as a result and there have been fatalities in many counties already and the death toll is on the rise.

Initial reports mention the death toll to be around seventeen and eighteen. However, as the authorities handle the situation, newer reports are coming out giving us more insight into the situation. Therefore, the latest reports say that the death toll is now at 25, out of which around 19 deaths are in Putnam County.

Victims And Witness Testimonies

As a result of the damage, a state of emergency has been declared in Tennessee. 47,000 people do not have electricity and more than a dozen buildings have collapsed. The winds went up till 155mph and the warning sirens could be heard right before. The tornado was an EF3 level storm.

Metro Nashville PD also released a statement confirming two of the victims who lost their lives in the tornado. James Duncan, a Nashville resident recounts his experience when the storm approaches.

He heard the sirens before the winds started picking up. The wind started hitting the windows of their house and he and his girlfriend hid in the bathroom. They waited until the storm passed and the intensity faded. He describes the experience as being in a train with a lot of shaking and intense terror in his mind.

Aftermath: Rehabilitation And The Tennessee Elections

Mayor John Cooper and Nashville PD have announced via twitter that they are surveying the tornado-hit areas. Mayor assures that the state is providing relief as quickly as possible. He also reminds the people that they can call the hubNashville line 311 for storm-related requests.

However, as for the elections, new polling stations are coming up in some areas for voters and certain other areas are acclimatising the voters in their already existing stations.

Many famous public figures have expressed their sadness over the destruction and death brought about by the tornados. We can only hope that Tennessee does not have to go through this anytime soon in the future.

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