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Tenet: Christopher Nolan Is Hoping The Pandemic Will Stabilize Soon, Tenet To Continue With Its Original Release Date


David Mudd

The exemplary director of Hollywood is known for being unpredictable: be it movies or otherwise. Tenet Nolan has taken another decision that no other director of the film industry had the audacity to make.

Nolan’s Tenet

Tenet is Christopher Nolan’s upcoming project. Warner Bros. is producing the movie.

The only detail we have on the plot of the movie is its genre: Action Thriller. Although the shooting of the film has long finished, all of us are still clueless about what it has in store for us. The production team is keeping the entire project extremely well-protected.


We only know about the central cast about the movie:

Robert Pattinson, Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia and John David Washington.


The movie will release in the theatres on July 17th, 2020.

The Trailer

Warner Bros. uploaded a trailer of the movie on December 19th, 2019.

The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the movie, but we do find certain details. A seemingly super-secret agency enlists John David Washington. He greets him by saying, “welcome to the afterlife”.

Another fellow agent explains to him that they’re trained to prevent World War III.

You will see all the actors central to the movie in the trailer. It ends with “time is running out”.


Watch the trailer here.

Nolan Decides Not To Push The Release Dates

While all the directors and producers are pushing the release of their big-budget films, Nolan has chosen to take a different path.

Nolan is not moving the release dates for his Tenet. The movie will still release on July 17th.

Nolan, in defence of his decision, states that he’s optimistic that the crisis will be averted by July, and that the normal life will be restored in the US as well as the rest of the world.

However, considering the large-scale increase in the number of cases, it’s difficult to make any presumptions.

We’re hoping fiercely that Nolan’s faith wins this battle.



We’ll keep you people posted in case anything changes. Stay tuned.