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Do you want to know about the Ten Percent Season 2 release date? Ten Percent is the UK version of the popular French show Call My Agent! This means that many viewers have likely already watched all eight episodes of the show. The first season ended on a cliffhanger. It left fans wondering if there will be a second season. If they’ll get to see the Nightingale Hart agency and its cast of agents and assistants again.

Expected Release Date Of Ten Percent Season 2

It’s difficult to make predictions without confirmation of a second season. However, if they begin production quickly, we could see it in around 2023. Ten Percent’s first season left us with a lot of unanswered questions. So it’s possible that the second season will tie up all those loose ends. It also appears that the cast members are interested in returning for another go-around.

Expected Cast Of Ten Percent Season 2

We can expect some exciting celebrity appearances to shake things up at Nightingale Hart. Season one already had some big names like Phoebe Dynevor who is likely to be seen in Bank of Dave(with its wonderful shooting location), Emma Corrin, Kelly Macdonald, Dominic West, and Helena Bonham-Carter. So we don’t know what exactly to expect from season 2

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Jack Davenport and Maggie Steed may return to their roles as Jonathan Nightingale and Stella Hart, the bosses of the agency. Lydia Leonard, who played Rebecca, will probably return. Prasanna Puwanarajah who plays Dana patient and dedicated agent who goes above and beyond for his customers can also return.

Hiftu Quasem, Jonathan’s illegitimate daughter and a new member of the assistant’s team, is also expected to return. Moreover, now that she’s become an agent for Luke Nightingale (played by Edward Bluemel).  Harry Trevaldwyn is expected to remain the team’s hidden weapon in terms of organization and motivation.

Premise Of Ten Percent Series

Misha has made the decision to pursue a career as a talent agent in the footsteps of her absent father Jonathan and grandfather Richard. She arrives at the London firm Nightingale Hart just in time to be unexpectedly employed as an assistant when one is sacked. Richard passes away soon after Misha starts working there.

Jonathan and another agent, Stella, learn that the agency is having financial difficulties. Jonathan also has a hard time keeping Misha’s true identity a secret from his family.

Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date

Agent Dan seeks to boost the career of their receptionist-turned-actress, Zoe, while falling for her as well. Agent Rebecca is creating a production branch of the agency and falling for Margaux. Stella supports her old buddy and self-destructive actor Simon while working through a different personal issue.

Misha begins assisting Jonathan’s son, Luke, in his pursuit of a career as a screenwriter. They must manage their demanding celebrity clientele while also dealing with the requirements of the American firm that purchased the agency.

Spoiler For Ten Percent Season 2

The first season of Ten Percent did not tie up all loose ends, particularly in Jonathan’s personal life. His wife appears to have decided to give him another chance after learning that he had a daughter from an affair around the time their son was born. She is now unaware of his more recent affair with Julia.

Even if Jonathan did not end up sleeping with his assistant, his relationship with his wife and the agency will be impacted in the future. Misha seems to be taking on more responsibilities as an agent.

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Misha appears to be moving into an agent role while Clémence Poésy has been chosen as the star of Rebecca’s project Eight Days. David Harewood is in line to take over as the next Bond. Dan and Zoe’s relationship seems to be progressing to more official status. For now, it’s unclear whether Kevin shares Ollie’s romantic interest.

Trailer For Ten Percent Season 2

There is no trailer available for Ten Percent Season 2. However, it is expected to be released soon after the announcement of the new season. Amazon Prime Video UK released the trailer for the first season on March 31, 2022. You can watch it here.

Ten Percent Season 2 Release Date

Review And Rating Of Ten Percent

The series received mixed reviews from critics. It closely matches the original French series. While Rachel Cooke of the New Statesman found the celebrity cameos uninteresting, with “cut-price” performers compared to the original, she expressed her personal interest in continuing to watch the show. The IMDb rating of this show is 6.9/10. The rating of rating as per Rotten Tomatoes is 74%.

Where To Watch Ten Percent Season 2?

Ten Percent is now available to watch on Amazon Prime in the UK, US, and Canada. It is always available on AMC+ in the US. This side-splitting comedy takes us behind the scenes of a leading talent agency in London where a daring team of agents works tirelessly to manage their famous clients’ careers.

Inspired by the popular French show ‘Call My Agent’, the series offers a glimpse into the complex personal and professional lives of those responsible for the success of the rich and famous.


It is currently unknown if the second season of Ten Percent will pick up where the first season left off. There has been no official announcement regarding the plot of the upcoming season.

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