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Psychic Thriller Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Is Expected Soon

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

Wanna hop on some action drama? Then here’s your chance to get the most out of a famous action drama! Action blended with thrills and suspense, how does that go? Do you enjoy it? I do enjoy that of course.

It ignites your thought process, isn’t it? Thrills and actions make it more amazing and a good involvement to watch. And so here I bring you some thrill chills down the spine.

The amazon originals Tell Me Your Secrets is the one I have been discussing all this while! Murders, mysteries, abuses, unsolved cases, there is a lot more in this than you can imagine. Let us start this quest of action.

What Is The Story Of Tell Me Your Secrets?

The main protagonist is Emma/Karen as both the names did come up in season one. Theresa’s mother Mary and hired agent John together work to find her whereabouts. And she is suspicious of Karen for having done wrong to Theresa. While there is the involvement of several other characters in this quest of suspense.

This lady Emma or Karen can say is entangled in an unknown consequence of being accused of murdering nine women!

Did really Emma murder people? Or was it Theresa who has been accused of these murders by Emma? What is the truth lying behind? Will Mary be able to figure out her daughter’s whereabouts? There is no conclusion yet ascertained in season 1 and so season 2 is certain to happen.

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Who Are The Star Cast In Tell Me Your Secrets?

The star cast of Tell Me Your Secrets is highly likely to be the same for this season as well. Where you will find:

Emma Hall’s role is played by Lily Rabe and Mary Barlow by Amy Brenneman. While John Tyler cast by Hamish Linklater and Enrique Murciano will come up as Peter Guillory. Chiara Aurelia will surely appear as Rose Lord, and Ashley Madekwe and Bryant Tardy as Lisa Guillory, and Jay Abellard respectively.

Other cast members include:

Elliot Fletcher as Jake Barlow

Xavier Samuel as Kit Parker

Stella Baker as Theresa Barlow

Marque Richardson as Tom Johnston

Katherine Willis as Diana Lord

Richard Thomas as Bodie Lord

Emyri Crutchfield as Jess Cairns

Charles Esten as Saul Barlow

Chase Stokes as Adam

Did Kit And Karen Kill Anyone In Tell Me Your Secrets?

Well, the answer to this question is very tricky. Karen and Kit are accused of killing nine women while Kit has died and Karen shows up to be innocent, killing no one. She has been defamed by Theresa who actually killed people in the former’s name.

Is this true what Karen is saying? Or is she hiding something? That you will be able to find out only when you watch the series. There is no reason to miss such a thrilling series.

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How Many Seasons Are There Of The Series Tell Me Your Secrets?

Until now there is only one season for Tell Me Your Secrets. There is a count of 10 episodes in the first season originally in the English language and available on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Tell Me Your Secrets Officially Renewed For Season 2 Or Cancelled?

There is no official notification released yet from Amazon Prime. But the renewal of the season is highly likely to come up soon. There is still no end but more to come for you.

Is Tell Me Your Secrets, A Book?

This is a question you would surely be curious about. Well, to your knowledge Tell Me Your Secrets is a psychological thriller but not a book-based series as you find most of them to be!

The episodes are not based on real-life events or any individual but they draw inspiration from the lives of serial killers as stated by the creator and writer Harriet Warner.

What Is The Rating For Tell Me Your Secrets?

This action series gathered good attention from the audiences with an IMDb rating of 7.4 out of 10 upvoted by 7000+ users. That makes it a good-rated action series.

Tell Me Your Secrets Trailer

Trailers are worth the watch to get an idea about any movie or series. Amazon Prime has not launched the trailer for season 2 yet. But here is the trailer for season 1 to give you a quick idea about the web series.

There is a video about the Season 2 updates that you must watch!

Where Can I Watch Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2?

You can stream this series for season 1 on Amazon Prime Video while for season 2 the launch is also expected on Amazon Prime Video.

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Do watch Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 if you are fond of psychic drama stories! Have you ever experienced something such in real life? Share with us in the comment box below!

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