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Tell Me A Story Season 2 : Release Date | Cast | Platform

Tell Me a Story is a TV series originally launched on CBS all access network. The show is a modern subversive interpretation of famous children’s stories like Red Riding Hood, The big bad wolf, Sleeping beauty. Hansel and Gretel and so on. Tell Me A Story Season 2 is a must-watch for all.

The show sets all these classic fantasies- fables storylines in a much darker world and the form of a psychological thriller. The fables tell us to show and preserve our virtuous qualities in the face of danger and challenges. 

But in the constantly changing modern society, virtue keeps losing its meaningfulness. The pliable nature of human beings easily bows before the inherent deadly sins. It is much easier to lose the way when you don’t know how quickly things can get out of hand. 

The series is pretty unique. The series, which is more like an anthology, presents the new version of the World famous Fairy-tales like Red Hood Riding, Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf, Sleeping Beauty, Hensel, and Gretel, and so on. 

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Plotline of Tell Me A Story 

Season 1

The first of the show follows the story of troubled high school senior Kayla Powel. After her mother’s death, Kayla becomes a different person. She has trouble processing such a horrible loss. At the same time, she grows distant from her father too. 

When Tim, Kayla’s father couldn’t take it anymore, he shifts to New York along with his daughter to live with his mother Colleen.

Her life turns upside down when her one-time fun with a stranger called Nick gets too serious to control and eventually she must adapt to the role of Red Riding Hood.

Interestingly, Collen offers Kayla a red Leather hooded jacket but she refuses. Later she is seen rushing to her Grandma in the red hood only.

In a parallel storyline(which ultimately merges to the main plot )a group of robbers wear pig masks and rob a jewelry store and kill two innocent people in the process. Right after the crime, one of the criminals starts getting stalked and must face the ramifications. 

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Tell Me A Story Season 2

a glimpse from episode 5 of tell me a story season 2
Beginning of a new page? – Episode 5 of Tell Me A Story Season 2

Olivia Moon is kidnapped and wakes up in an old cabin. Later it is revealed that Tucker Creed, a struggling writer, has kidnapped her to help himself with writer’s block. There is only one problem with the story. He kidnapped the wrong girl. Tucker’s deed comes to haunt him ten times more. 

As the narrative moves forward Olivia’s initially cocooned character starts to unfurl. Olivia turns out to be far from being a victim. Besides being a fine actress she is a murderer too.

But then so is Tucker. The duo shares complex relationship dynamics. 

The Game is afoot

Season 2 mainly focuses on the psychological battle between Tucker and Olivia. They both committed murders. They both feel no guilt or remorse and they have an unhealthy obsession with each other. 

The characters are set in the modern era and have been empowered accordingly. Now the question is, how do they fulfill the role of the fairy-tale characters? Do they choose to remain simply good in the face of loss and pain? Or does everyone have the potential to become Cinderella and the big bad wolf at the same time? 

Season 2 offers an interesting study of human behavior. Revenge is like a forest; it’s easy to lose your way. When Olivia comes back to return the favor that Tucker once did for her, she doesn’t use him as her test subject. She wants to destroy his life permanently. She manipulates Tucker to break up with his girlfriend Maddie.

Later Tucker and Maddie try to run away from Olivia’s clutches. But she is not one to accept defeat easily.

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Characters of Tell Me A Story Season 2

There are many talented actors playing the lead in the role of interesting characters.

Olivia Moon

She is the female lead in the second season. Danielle Campbell once again comes back to the show in the role of Olivia Moon. She is stalked first and then kidnapped by an emotionally unstable struggling writer. Later on, it becomes his worst nightmare.

Tucker Creed

Paul Weasley stars again in the second season of the show in the role of Tucker Creed, an unstable writer, who has committed several murders after the death of his dearest sister Ana.

Maddison Pruitt

Maddison Pruitt is Tucker’s love interest in the series. She is a lawyer. She comes from a troubled family and does her best so that the family can stick together.

The cast of Tell Me A Story Season 2

the official photoshoot of the cast of tell me a story season 2
The amazing cast of Tell Me A Story Season 2

The entire cast ensemble of the series has performed. But Paul Weasley and Danielle Campbell deserve special mention. As they used to be co-actors under the same franchise, they have a certain ease with each other and it’s very hard to imagine them as someone else. Paul’s character Stefan Salvatore and Danielle’s Davina Claire are freshly imprinted on the heart of Every TVD and the Originals fan ever. 

The direction of Tell Me A Story Season 2

The show was created by Kevin Williamson. He has successfully brought the world-famous fable-like fairy tales with a dark twist and subversive approach to make them more resonating.

Availability of Tell Me A Story Season 2

starring paul weasley from tell me a story
Tell Me A Story Season 2 – A twisted fairy tale?

The series was released on the CBS network for 2 seasons. Later the show’s airing was canceled and they declared that they wouldn’t be renewing it for a new season.

Currently, the show is available on the CW network and Amazon Prime.

Release Date of Tell Me A Story Season 2

The show aired on 31st October 2018 for the first time. The second season was aired on 5th December 2019 and ran till 6th February 2020.

Season 3

Paramount + network has declared that the show might return on 10 February 2022.


The show focuses on the different emotional factors and their role in shaping up human Psychology. It lets us know that everyone has darkness lurking inside and the wrong thing is enough to set it off.

The series is pretty good as a psychological thriller. Each story has a counterpart in the fairy tales and so do the characters. It is you who must find the clues laid before you and decipher.

In short, if you like thrillers and fairy -tales, this show is the best of both worlds and a cool one to watch.

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