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All that you want to know about Tehran: Season 2.

“Tehran” is a television series produced in Israel. It’s an espionage thriller show. Apple TV+ has renewed the show for a second season on January 26, 2021. Tehran is a drama and a thriller series. Tehran: Season 2 will be a must-watch for you!

This series received great feedback from the viewers. It appears that the second season of “Tehran” will also be received well by the audience.

“Tehran” is filled with serial drama and spy thrillers. Moshe Zonder, Dana Eden, and Maor Kohn developed this series, and on the other hand, Daniel Syrkin directs it. This show is available in three languages on Apple TV+: Hebrew, English, and Persian.

Its sequel will be available on Apple Originals globally. Tehran’s second season will also be available to watch on Kan 11. 

Further, there is every detail you need to know about “Tehran: Season 2,” which includes trailer, release date, plot, and so on.

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Trailer of Tehran: Season 2

There is no trailer of “Tehran: Season 2” out yet. It will soon be released. The official trailer for season one is aired on September 2, 2020, on the official youtube channel of Apple TV+, a few weeks before the first episode of season one gets aired.

So, the trailer of Tehran’s sequel can also be expected to get aired between the same bar a few weeks before its release. 

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Plot of Tehran: Season 2

a glimpse from tehran: season 2
Tehran: Season 2 – Mossad Spy Continues Mission!

The “Tehran: Season 2” narrative has not yet been disclosed, but it will undoubtedly pick up where the first season left off. The series’ main story revolves around Tamar, a Mossad agent who goes on an undercover mission in Tehran, Iran’s capital city.

Tamar, an Israeli spy and computer hacker born in Iran but raised in Israel, is entrusted with infiltrating an electric firm to disable Iranian air defenses. As a result, an Israeli airstrike on Iran’s nuclear power plant will go unnoticed. 

The mission goes horribly wrong, resulting in a race against the clock. Faraz notices Tamar’s relationship with Zhila and investigates it. With Faraz on her tail, Tamar must find a way out of the nation, relying on family, friends, and unexpected strangers for assistance.

With the completion of Season 1, a lot of questions remain unanswered. We’re still not sure if Faraz Kamali (Shaun Toub) is alive or dead, as the last we saw of him, he was bleeding to death. What will become of him and his wife Nihad, who is still in the hands of Mossad agents? What will they do to Nihad now that the operation has failed?

Meanwhile, Milad and Tamar rode off into pretty dismal dusk as well. Will they receive the joyful ending they deserve, or will more hell break out as Iran shoots down Israeli warplanes? Hopefully, the whole plot of “Tehran: Season 2” revolves around the unanswered question of Season 1. This following sequel is expected to answer each and every question left by its debut season.

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Cast of Tehran: Season 2

the main lead of tehran: season 2
Starring Niv Sultan, the lead actor from Tehran

The lead characters of the show include:

  • Niv Sultan, the protagonist of the series, plays the role of Mossad agent Tamar Rabinyal.
  • Shaun Toub from “Homeland” reprises the role of Faraz Kamali, a revolutionary guard who investigates Tamar.
  • Navid Negahban from “Homeland” plays the character of Masoud Tabrizi. 

The rest of the cast members include Shervin Alenabi from “Baghdad in my Shadow” as Milad, Menashe Noy from “Our Boys” as Meir Gorev, Arash Marandi as Ali, Qais Khan as Mohammed Balochi, Dan Mor as Eran, Reza Diako as Shahin, and many others.

For the time being, it can be assumed that all of these characters will return in “Tehran: Season 2” apart from Liraz Charhi from “A Late Quartet,” whose character died in Season 1.

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Release Date

featuring a glimpse from tehran: season 2
Showcasing the main lead from Tehran: Season 2

Although “Tehran” has been renewed for a second season, no release date for Season 2 has been revealed. Many series and movie productions have been pushed back because of the Covid-19. This show is likely to suffer the same fate. 

“Tehran” has roughly 8-10 months of the production cycle. Its Season 2 is expected to be released in late 2021 or early 2022.

If we learn anything new regarding the release date of the second season of “Tehran,” we will post it here. The first season of “Tehran” premiered on Apple TV+ on June 22, 2020. The second season will also be available on Apple TV+ soon. 


“Tehran: Season 1” was a huge success, with eight episodes premiering on October 25, 2020, and filling its pockets with good IMDB ratings (7.5/10) and 83 percent rotten tomatoes, as well as tremendous success with the fantastic acting of its stars and providing spectators a whole new spy drama experience through Apple TV+. Its following sequel is also expected to become an equally big hit.

If you like dark, high-risk, mind-squeezing, and spy series, you’re in luck as Season 2 of “Tehran” will be soon going to be released on Apple TV+. I assure you that this Israel spy thriller will blow your mind.

If there are any Spy lovers here, reading this article! Do remember to watch this television series. It will thrill you up.


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