Teen Wolf Season 7: Supernatural MTV Series Teenwolf Cancelled!

teen wolf season 7

Teen wolf is an amazing show which runs for six seasons but what happened to the Teen wolf season 7? Why did the show never happen for the new season and what is the reason behind the show pulling off? Is the MTV Supernatural show Teen wolf cancelled for season 7?

Web series are the lifelines of any network or the Netflix to make their fans stick to the series but when it comes to supernatural and fictional drama, the series run for long time and also in the top list of Netflix if they are the series of Netflix like Lucifer, Stranger Things and Vampires diaries.

Jeff Davis is the creator of this wonderful series which started to run in 2011 and concluded the series in 2017 with its 6 seasons.

When the series started the love for the series was not big but when the drama moved forward to the new seasons then fans started loving this series and with the help of views and ratings you can say that how popular the show is.

But the series ran only for 6 seasons but still fans are dying to know why season 7 is not coming and still craving for season 7 after 4 years of its cancellation. Now after 4 years is there any chance for the teen wolf season 7 after the creators cancel the series.

We also heard that there will be an upcoming movie on Paramount Plus based on Teenwolf but don’t know whether it is rumour or truth that teenwolf will come in the form of movie in 2022.

Let’s move forward to know other things about the Teenwolf series and its new season.

Teen Wolf Season: About And Story

Teen wolf series is based on the 1985 movie of the same name and it is one of the popular series which was released back in 2011 for the first time by Jeff Davis.

teen wolf season 7

The complete series and the main protagonist is praised by everyone for the acting in the series along with other cast who performed well in the series.

The story followed the main character Scott McCall who is a werewolf and he is interested in the Beacon hills which is the fictional city because there are mysterious things in that city which are to be revealed.

Other than Tyler Posey, Allison Argents, Stiles Stillinkies, Derek Hale also contributed their roles in Teenwolf series with many other cast members.

The ratings and viewership also started declining towards its last season 6.

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Teen Wolfs Season 7: Release Date

teen wolf season 7

Sorry, there is no season 7 of Teen wolfs as it was cancelled by the creators of the show and the sixth season was the final and the last season of this series which came on November 15 2016 and the season 6 divided into two half and contains 20 episodes in total. Final episode of this last season concluded on September 24, 2017 and from that time no actual plans were made for the new seasons.

The cancellation of the new season was not in their plans but cancelled after the sixth season because prior to season 6, there were plans for the next season i.e 7th but when the official statement came out which cleared everything that season 6 is the last season of this show.

Due to the statement many fans and audience felt disappointed as their lovable series is not happening for the new season and even the loyal fans showed their outrage on the internet as they were expecting more things from the season 7 to see a happy ending with clearly their doubts which arises in their minds.

They want the show to end with a satisfying ending which is not according to their expectations and ended after 6 seasons release.

This means there are no further seasons of Teen wolf to watch after season 6 and even creators also failed to make the audience stick to the storyline and only focused on the main plot and then divided it into two parts in the final season.

In the first half you have seen that werewolfs returned to their high school in the fictional city and continue their studies and living normal lives and then in other half you see that everyone is busy in their own life and doing some kind of stuff in the routine life as everyone is separated and living their own life and new villain is needed to come back so that they all teen wolfs can come back and reunite.

Are Low Ratings and Viewership Responsible For the Cancellation of Teen Wolf Season 7?

teen wolf season 7

Yes, you can say that decrease in the ratings of the show is the cause for cancellation of the show but that’s not enough reason to cancel the series along with this viewership of the series also fans down from the starting to end and when the series reached to the final season audience almost lost their interest towards the series which is cleared from the viewership of the last season as it made only half of the millions views in the final season which is so bad for the series to continue.

So after seeing all these things and keeping in mind not to continue the series for the further seasons they cancelled the series for season 7 for Teen wolfs.

MTV was also losing its interest towards the show as the network moved towards running reality shows and added unscripted shows in its list when its last season was released.

Fans are messaging the creators and the writer to know whether there is any possibility for the new season but nothing is cleared and if the make mind to renew the series in future then it will also be clear on internet or on the social accounts and we will also update this section, till then there are no renewal possibility for the teen wolf season 7 as the series is cancelled by the creators.

Where to Watch Teen wolf Seasons?

You can stream its previous seasons on Hulu, youtube, Apple TV, Google Play Movies & TV and Vudu.

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Watch its previous season 6 trailer which is given below-


The series is cancelled and there are no further seasons to watch but you can still watch its previous seasons on the given platforms. Teenwolf complete series got 7.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while it received 81% on Rotten Tomatoes and 66% on TV Guide.

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