Teen Mom 2 Cast: What Do We Know So Far About Their Likability?


Aditi Deshinge

For good or bad, these teen moms have been in limelight for more than a decade. Viewers always have their own favourite. Which one is your? After more than a decade on television, fans can finally watch all the seasons of Teen Moms 2 on Paramount+.

It started with 16 and Pregnant and audience has followed the lives of these teen moms for about last 11 years. Despite of replacement of the two cast member, plotline of the show remained same throughout the season.

These moms are well past teen years, but the struggle of raising kids at the young age is still so prevalent.

Teen Mom 2 Cast

The kids in the season 1 are now teenagers who are wild and the moms have come a long way from unfortunate circumstances which include a lot of tears and struggle. Moreover, it was a response for the situation which caused the moms to be loved so much by the viewers.

Therefore, in this post you will get to know who is most beloved and least beloved cast members of Teen Mom 2. Read out this entire article and get all the required information related to Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Eason –

Audience have seen Jenelle Eason go through hell and back.she had come a long way since teen Moms 2 when she cared more about partying more than her son which caused her to lose custody of Jace to her mother and unfortunately she has failed to resume custody as of 2022.

From battling with everyone around her, plenty of arrests, addiction of drugs and so many failed relationships, things seemed to look up when she met her current husband David Eason.

Moreover, David was the reason that she was fired from the show because he killed her dog. This incident was the cherry on the top after plenty of offenses which include domestic abuse. How she was not fired long before is also a mystery which may never be answered. But we can assume that it is because of great ratings to the show.

We hope that, she will get out of this marriage and focus on herself as well as her health instead of finding another guy.

Briana Dejesus –

Briana was first seen on Teen Moms 2 in season 8 and MTV suddenly got their money’s worth in drama department. With Briana came her equally chaotic family especially her sister named Brittany with whom she constantly caught into fights with.

Unfortunately, the relationship with her sister has not improved when they both were agreed on anything is they gang up on someone especially if that person is Kailyn.

She is best known for constants over the dramatics especially on social media platformsalong with fellow cast member Kailyn Lowry. Recently, Briana has won a defamation lawsuit against  Kailyn and along with this win she decided to be petty and send Kailyn a clown costume.

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Kailyn Lowry –

The second side of the lawsuit is the one who filed it. Kailyn has an anger problem which was seen in many episodes of Teen Moms 2.

In one incident, her then boyfriend Javi had hit by Kailyn. But he forgave her for the assault and they got married soon after and divorced after two years.

In 2020, she had another domestic assault with Chris Lopez and so refused to film for plenty of times. Kailyn’s lawsuit defamation was dismissed in Briana’s favour and she is now trying to move on from this.

Jade Cline –

When Jenelle was fired, Jade Cline replaced her. Her story is really heartbreaking, because her parents are less than stable and she has no support. Though, she tries to make amends and keep her family together for the sake of her daughter.

Jade and the father of child Sean Austin broke up for good. They have a habit of breaking up and getting back together but their relationship always suffers a lot due to his addiction of drugs.

Moreover, the largest problem of Jade is how naive she is. She always wants to do what is good for her daughter which is truly wizard but she doesn’t know when to say enough is enough and accept that it is a time to cut down toxic people around her.

Ashley Jones –

Ashley has replaced Chelsea in 10th season. She has seems to have what most teen moms dream of. Ashley has a great family and she has tied a knot to the father of her child. But still, it is always not perfect in paradise though.

Bar was arrested for the wilful discharge of a firearm in negligent manner. And also her father has substance abuse issues.

Despite of these issues she lives with her family. She has came out of all that and now she a business owner which is commendable.

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Leah Messer –

Almost from the start, she is the woman who had the cards stacked against her. Leah has come a very long way since her initial appearance on Teen Moms 2. She gets pregnant only after one month of meeting Corey and had twins.

Being a teen mom is difficult enough without the added pressure of taking care of two child at the same time.

By the time Leah was only 21 years old and she had three children and two divorces in her hand. At that time she was depressed. And eventually went on to rehab and of course she came out as a better person.

Chelsea DeBoer

She is a perfect inspiration; Chelsea has everything like stable marriage, four kids, a farm and a supportive family that would and has done everything which is essential to get her where she is today.

Teen Mom 2 Cast

Chelsea is one of the most famous teen moms in the whole franchise and of course for good reasons.

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