Ted White, Jason Voorhees Stuntman in ‘Friday the 13th’ Horror Films, Dead at 96!


Saloni Singh

Ted White, a well- known stuntman and one- time Jason Voorhees actor from Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, passes down at the age of 96.

Ted White, Stuntman and Star of Friday the 13th the Final Chapter, Is Dead at the Age of 96.

Film patron Sean Clark, a friend and coworker of White’s, verified the news via Facebook on Friday,Oct. 14, revealing that White had passed down peacefully in his sleep while at home.”

I ’ve had the pleasure of knowing him and working with him for close to 20 times,” Clark wrote.” He was my espoused grandpa and hands down the stylish fibber you could have ever met.”

 Clark continued,” If you have n’t read it yet check out his book Cast a Giant Shadow where numerous of those stories are told. I was recognized to be mentioned in the book when he wrote about his time in the convention world.

Ted White, Jason Voorhees stuntman in 'Friday the 13th' horror films, dead at 96

I’m going to miss you immensely and those steak feasts we always had. Also teasing you about your red, white & blue banner that made you look like you were running for President. My heart goes out to his woman

 Jeri and his sons. It was an absolute honor my friend. Rest easy. Love you Ted.”

Given Professionally As Ted White, He Was Born Alex Bayouth in Snyder, Texas in 1926.

White was a well- known stuntman and was best known for portraying Jason Voorhees in the 1984 slasher film Friday the 13th The Final Chapter, the fourth investiture in the horror film ballot, though he asked not to be credited for the part.

He was also asked to return as Jason for the follow- up flicks, Friday the 13th A New morning and Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives, though he declined to duplication the part. While White noway returned to the ballot, he did appear in library footage in two pictures about the flicks, both of which were released in 2009 and 2013.

Throughout his career, White also doubled for Hollywood icons like John Wayne, Fess Parker, Clark Gable and Richard Boone.

He served as a stuntman on flicks like Earth of the Hams( 1968), Soylent Green( 1973), Escape from New York( 1981) and Gone in 60 Seconds( 2000). His first film was 1949’s The Beach of Iwo Jima, in which he played a marine and acted as a adviser due to his real- life service in the service.

Ted White, Jason Voorhees stuntman in 'Friday the 13th' horror films, dead at 96

 A memoir written by Larry K. Meredith about White’s career was published in 2017, named Cast a Giant Shadow. White is survived by his woman, Jeri, and their children.

Prior to Heading West, He Attended the University of Oklahoma.

 The late star was also good musketeers with President Ronald Reagan, and would indeed get haircuts with him, Ted told Fox.

” We had people over for regale that were enough notorious, but he did not watch about all of that,” Ted said.

 Ted also noted his father was intrepid recalling times he’d go to Daniel Boone’s set with him and he’d be injured from numbers, but unfazed.

” One day he hit a corner of the pad doing a high fall, and the coming thing you know, they were taking him down in an ambulance, and he was signaling at me as he was going down,” said Ted.

 Film Patron Sean Clark penned an emotional homage to the late Ted on Facebook.