Waiting For Ted 3 Release Date: Will It Ever Happen Or Not?


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Looking for information on the Ted 3 release date. While there‘s no confirmed release date yet, Seth MacFarlane has announced that a prequel TV series is in the works for Peacock, which will feature an R-rated comedy following Ted’s adolescence in the 90s. Keep up to date with the latest news on Ted 3 here.

Will Ted 3 Happen?

The production of Ted 3 was delayed due to a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Seth MacFarlane by the creator of the web series Acting School Academy, not the COVID-19 pandemic or negative critical reception. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed in 2015, but it caused difficulties for the intellectual property of the franchise.

However, Ted will be returning as an R-rated TV series on NBC‘s streaming platform Peacock, with a prequel that takes place in 1993 and follows Ted and John’s adolescence in a Boston suburb. The show will maintain the same tone as the first movie and will feature vulgar comedy and F-bombs, with no broadcast standards. The series is already in production and has a talented cast.

Release Date Of Ted 3

The release date for Ted 3 has yet to be confirmed, but it has not been ruled out either. Seth MacFarlane’s current situation has made it difficult to organize all the necessary components for the upcoming season.

However, it is expected that the official launch date will be disclosed in the near future. According to sources, it is likely to be available in 2023, following the end of 2022.

Ted 3 has a significant global fan base, and with the success of the previous two films, it is highly anticipated. While there is no official news regarding its release, Seth MacFarlane is reportedly working on something that may be Ted 3.

Recap of Ted

When John Bennett was a small boy, he yearned for Ted, his big teddy bear, to come to life and be his friend. His dream comes fulfilled, and the two become good friends as they grew older.

During Ted Jr.’s academic years, their relationship grows even closer, and by the time they are both 26 years old, it is even stronger. With ups and downs along the way, their relationship is marked by unpredictable and unrestrained conduct. Finally, Ted and Tami-Lynn are reunited, and John marries Lori.

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The sequel picks up six months after Ted marries Tami-Lynn, following John’s divorce from Lori. The couple wants a kid but finds it difficult to adopt. Ted, however, loses his own legal rights as a result of his criminal history.

Ted 3 Release Date

After their victory in court, Ted and John are able to adopt Apollo Creed, a small boy, starting a new chapter in their unusual family structure.

Cast of Ted

The cast of the movie includes Mark Wahlberg playing the role of John Bennett, who wished for his teddy bear, Ted, to come to life as a child. In his 30s, John is an immature but amiable slacker who enjoys smoking marijuana with his best friend, Ted.

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Seth MacFarlane voices and performs motion capture for Ted, John’s teddy bear and closest companion. Mila Kunis portrays Lori Collins, John’s girlfriend, while Joel McHale plays the role of Rex, Lori’s manager and John’s adversary.

Ted 3 Release Date


Seth MacFarlane‘s interest in making Ted 3 may be hopeful, but the lack of any news or updates from the studio suggests that they have likely moved on from the project. Although the first two films were successful, earning about $800 million altogether, the absence of MacFarlane and Wahlberg, who are busy with other projects, makes the prospects for Ted 3 seem unlikely.

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