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Technologies Influencing the Online Casino World

One of the fastest-growing offshoots of gaming is the online casino industry. Technological innovations are the driving force behind the uptick in online gambling. From network upgrades and proprietary software to artificial intelligence, there’s a lot of technological headway fueling online casino growth. This post reviews the top technological trends influencing the online casino world.

1.5G Network

The gradual rollout of the 5G network across different parts of the globe increases internet connectivity, which is the supporting framework for online gambling. Increased smartphone penetration and high-speed internet prevalence increase the online casino following, which boosts the experience of online gambling for real money, for both the gambler and the casino.

2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is fast changing the finance industry, especially in virtual finance. Online casinos have embraced blockchain technology to create a safe, secure transaction environment for gamblers. Blockchain technology is known to be hackerproof, and without central authority oversight, users and the site have control over the transactions through smart contracts.

Some online casinos have completely built their sites and games on the blockchain network. The rise of Bitcoin casinos is proof enough that blockchain is changing gamblers’ trends, and the gambling niche is embracing it.

3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are the gold standards of online casino gaming. The best web-based casinos are fast-tracking integrating VR and AR into the gaming models to meet the gambler’s demand for immersive gaming.

There are many casinos you can visit virtually already. Tech firms such as HTC, Google, and Samsung develop VR and AR environments crucial in immersive online gambling.

Virtual and augmented reality create generic brick-and-mortar casino experiences. The rise of the Oculus Rift, a VR headset, has made even land-based casinos create VR gaming rooms. VR gaming allows you to interact with other gamblers, wager, win, or lose, as if you were in the casino. The allure of the Vegas casino experience from the comfort of your couch is appealing to many gamblers.

4. Smart Wearables

Smart wearables in casino gaming are a nascent technology. Much like Fitbits and other smart wearables in the healthcare sector, smart wearables in gambling pair with smartphone apps to ease on-the-go gambling. Soon enough, you will not need controllers and heavy smartphones to gamble. The allure of gambling on-the-go conveniently from a smart wearable will increase online casino adoption especially among the Gen Z.

5. Cryptocurrency

The crypto-economy has been associated with ridiculous gains. In fairness, no one imagined Bitcoin would rise to an all-time high of $65,000 from the lowly 10 cents in 2013. However, cryptocurrency in gambling is solely a payment and payout mode.

The adoption of cryptocurrency in online casinos is due to crypto’s many perks. Cryptocurrency’s anonymity, lack of third-party interference, and insanely low transaction fees make it more appealing for the casino to use as a reliable transaction medium. Also, gamblers prefer payment in crypto, whose price volatility could swing in their favor when there’s an uptick in the value.

Crypto is a safe mode of payment, and many casinos prefer it since the transactions are immutable. As a gambler, you must double-check the address you send the cryptocurrencies to avoid losing your money.

6. Advanced Cyber Security Measures

2-layer encryption, 2-FA, and other KYC verifications are crucial in creating a secure space for gamblers. Advanced web-based casinos leverage artificial intelligence to monitor players’ activity and detect fraudulent trends and hacks.

Despite the advanced cyber security measures, the onus is on you to secure your credit card info and not leave it on payment sites. The online casinos can only protect you once you are within the purviews of their gaming structure.

7. Optical Character Recognition

OCR is a new technology that converts data into an electrical format. Hand gestures, images of the surroundings, roulette wheel spinning, and all other casino movements are interpreted by OCR and relayed to the gambler. Live dealer casinos rely on OCR to live stream the game.

8. Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards or BI boards aggregate unstructured data and produce actionable information regarding the business’ indicators and other metrics. Online casinos use BI boards like other businesses to obtain insights on consumer trends, competitor engagement, and general feedback about their game offerings.

Using such valuable data, online casinos can create better casino games that users love. Using business intelligence increases competition in the online casino world, which is better since it gives the gambler more robust gambling options.

Final Words

The ever-changing online casino sphere owes its positive growth to technological changes. Almost every aspect of casino gambling, from gameplay creation, and customer interaction to payouts, is technology-driven. Customer-centric technologies such as VR and AI in gambling are the major drivers of the casino world. With increased technological advancement comes better gambling experiences for you.

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