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Tech Giants To Provide Resources For COVID-19 Research


David Mudd

Tech Giants Provide Resources: The COVID-19 pandemic has made life tougher for people in the 21st century. Spreading to multiple countries, the virus has caused a lot of chaos worldwide. People are forced to remain indoors while doctors and scientists try to put the virus into the sword.

Since its identification in 2019, the virus has spread to more than 100 countries worldwide. What makes it scary is the fact that there is no vaccine available to kill the virus yet. The transmission of this virus from one person to another has been alarming.

Tech Giants Provide Resources

At such times, the heroes are the doctors, the nurses, the virologists, and the pharmaceutical scientists. They work tirelessly to reduce the chaos around and they must be appreciated. Certain tech giants have partnered with the U.S government in order to help.

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Partnering With The U.S Government (Tech Giants Provide Resources)

Tech giants like IBM, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have partnered with the United States government in order to fight the pandemic. They have offered to provide valuable resources that are required to fight the pandemic.

Tech Giants Provide Resources

President Trump says that the companies have partnered with the White House to “unleash the power of American supercomputing resources” for combating the novel coronavirus. This is the kind of support a company must offer at times like these.

The resources provided come in the form of manufacturing of more masks and ventilators and other medical instruments required to treat those who are affected. They have also offered to provide computing resources in order to find vaccines to treat the virus.

This is an applaudable effort by the American companies. This is what humanity is about. These companies have certainly proved that they care about their consumers. Thanks to the resources they offer, combating the virus has become easier.

The only thing we can do is not allow the virus to spread. Stay home, wash hands frequently, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. If people follow these steps, the pandemic will soon be a part of our past.

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