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Taylor Used Harry As An Inspiration To Write Songs


David Mudd

Introduction (Harry Styles)

People inspire people. We all have our idols or someone or the other to whom we look upto for inspiration, love and happiness.

Well, it’s an old story in the artist’s alley that almost most of them find their inspiration in their works from broken hearts, damaged relationships, betrayal or even the passing away of someone. They dedicate their writings, songs, films, art whatever form of art to those who made them work on it. Dead or alive they always stay with them.


We’ve another story of inspiration from our beloved boy band, One Direction star Harry Styles who probably inspired his ex girlfriend Taylor Swift to write songs about him.

Harry On Taylor (Harry Styles)

It’s known to most of us that Lover singer had very creatively used her romantic relationships as a fodder for most of her songs. If you delve deep into her lyrics you could definitely figure out the connection.

Imagine how her exes would have felt about it. “Definitely flattered!”, as quoted by Harry Styles who is believed to be her source of inspiration for her tracks Style and Out of the Woods off of her 1989 album.

He went on, telling the shock jock: ‘Even if the song isn’t that flattering, you still spent time on it and ultimately, using Taylor as an example, she’s a great songwriter. So at least they’re good songs.’


The couple dated for only a year from 2012 to 2013 before they called it off.

What Else He Had To Say? (Harry Styles)

Harry also reflected on the other aspects of his life and just like any other normal guy he too wanted a normal life, a normal relationship and would definitely want to get married someday. But he also had a hard time balancing his personal life with his career and fame.

Speaking of a normal life Styles recently got mugged on Valentine’s Day because he was single and should have had plans. He said he was followed by a group of hooded boys with their faces covered. He laughed about the incident and regretted of being single.

Though Styles was being open about Taylor’s alleged songs about him but we could sense he was being quite diplomatic.


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