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Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You: A Stand-up Comedy That Emphasizes the Value of Mental Health!

Just before the Covid-19 mutation led her to resume rescheduling tour dates once more over the wintertime, Taylor Tomlinson taped her 2nd Netflix show around December. On March 8, 2022, meanwhile, the comic Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You was ultimately released on Netflix.

Although, there aren’t many jokes about the pandemic here, other than a subtle allusion in her opening remarks. She had plenty of nervousness to make jokes, and none of us are ever going to get over that fun.

Two years ago, Tomlinson debuted her first single stand-up special on Netflix. Whether she was experiencing a Quarter-Life Crisis there at the time, how might a virus lockdown affect her health the day after her special?

Maybe not such a catastrophe, going by the opening joke wherein she eats mushrooms after already cutting the hairstyle into bangs.

To illustrate her genuine mental health experience and how treatment and prescribed medicine have altered her perspective on her profession and her relationships, Tomlinson nonetheless goes a little deeper than the surface.

Yes, we love her so much!

The Excellent Stand-Up!

Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You

Taylor does a courageous stand-up in “Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You.” Disregarding her humorous image, she opens up about her mental health, resulting in a rush of raw and real personal stuff. Taylor explains her mental health diagnoses in detail, enticing the viewers with her eccentricities as she describes what reality is like.

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This Netflix special continues in other ways. In quite a surprising but welcome deeper insight, Taylor Tomlinson talks about her medication and explores the complexities of mourning. It seems significant, and the idea that talking about mental illness is taboo makes Taylor tear down the barriers as well as laugh.

A Stand-up With a Powerful Message!

Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You

There seem to be numerous jokes that don’t directly address mental health, but that is the main focus of such Netflix stand-up. Although the material is meant to be humorous, there’s undoubtedly a deeper meaning to Taylor’s story that will strike a chord with viewers.

Taylor lets down her defenses for the public. It is hoped that this will inspire more people to open out more about one‘s mental health conditions rather than making them feel embarrassed.

The program’s most amazing moment occurs when Tomlinson starts into a detailed comparison of how having a mental illness is like not knowing how to swim: “It could be humiliating to tell other people, and it might be hard to take to certain places.

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” However, using drugs, or in Tomlinson’s metaphor, donning life jackets, minimizes the latter and lessens the former, and anybody who speaks ill of you because of wearing life jackets didn’t care if you sink and fade away.

Tomlinson comments about people who hold to something like a lifeguard while seeming to be okay and suffocating them while they don’t utilize life jackets while they realize they needed them.

Although Tomlinson utilizes the opportunity to self-deprecatingly discuss the few lifeguards she has drowned, the occasion is more tragic than just that. Self-awareness will not be enough; you need to take action.

With the widespread acceptance regarding the mental condition and the realization that it’s just not “all in your head,” some other aspect that is sometimes overlooked is that you need to act. Life jackets are not always necessary, but you really should usually avoid swimming if you aren’t wearing any life jackets.

Tomlinson’s Terrific Performance!

Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You

Tomlinson’s sharp joke writing, well-honed act-outs, and ferocious desire for laughs have made her among the youngest comedians with numerous Netflix sets. Her comedic persona relies together upon wholesome, cheerful effect, a Christian background, and perfectly basic cultural meanings with a fast smile and big, observant eyes.

This serves as a supportive framework for oddly dark spins, occasionally complemented by the twirls Steph Curry performs after making a shot close to half court.

It wasn’t until Taylor Tomlinson, a stand-up comedian, debuted with the precociously amusing “Quarter-Life Crisis” debut special at the age of 25, that we realized she was destined to become a celebrity.

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She also continued with the successive layer. Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You demonstrates how much she has advanced since her debut on The Comedy Lineup on Netflix in 2018.

There are high-level pauses throughout Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You, pauses that make you wonder whether they’re about to go into delivery. The punchlines usually hit home whenever they do. Tomlinson has always had strong craft, and so this special particularly demonstrates that by allowing all of her gags to develop naturally.

Trailer of Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You!

Let’s watch a glimpse of this ultimate lady’s stand-up about anxiety issues with the twist of amazing comedy!


How many Netflix specials are done by Taylor Tomlinson?

Quarter-Life Crisis as well as Look At You are 2 Netflix stand-up specials by Taylor Tomlinson.

What year was the publication of Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis?

On March 3, 2020, the Netflix stand-up special Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis was released.

What is the theme of Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You?

The theme of Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You is Mental health.


Tomlinson is a skilled joke writer, and her facial expressions are priceless. We might find Tomlinson’s comedy to be highly soothing, regardless of where you individually stand in terms of your psychological health. So, do watch it.

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