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Taylor Swift: This Is How Taylor Swift Transformed Into A Man For Her Music Video- BTS


David Mudd

Taylor Swift’s song “The Man” is reaching great heights. It is not only because of its catchy tune but also because of the transformation Taylor goes through. In the video, we see Taylor transform into a MAN!

Fans are going gaga over Taylor’s significant transformation, and we have all the details you need to know!

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

BTS Of The Man In Making

On Friday, Taylor gives us a video behind the scenes from The Man video. In the video, we get to see Taylor’s make the transformation that makes her look like a man.

The video comes in a time-lapse format of thirty seconds covering the hectic process of the make-up crew.

It takes Taylor five hours to transform herself into a man for the video. Taylor calls the process “a joy” as it delivers her what she expects for the video to portray.

For The Man, Taylor works again with the famous make-up artist Bill Corso. We remember him from the time he transformed Taylor into a zombie for her Look What You Made Me Do Video.

Taylor Swift Talks About Her The Man Make-up Transformation

Taylor lays it bare for us, the details of how she feels about the transformation. Swift states, “I had no idea what they do to your body to make you look different”.

Taylor explains to us how she put on muscles suits to get the physical get-up of a man.

Along with that, Taylor also mentions that she wore accouterments to make her breasts look smaller. This is an essential step to get into the physical appearance of a man.

“I don’t even want to tell you about it”, Taylor laughs off regarding the procedure to get herself into uncomfortable costumes to look like a real male.

She talks about getting a trainer for even understanding the basic movements of a man like walking and moving.

Stephan Galloway is the one who trains Taylor in her movements.

Other Details Regarding Taylor Swift’s The Man Video

Taylor Swift hit the song earlier this week. The song is a massive hit amongst the public. The song belongs to Taylor’s recent album Lover.