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Taylor Swift: The Nashville Star Donates $1M For Tennessee Tornadoes Relief

Taylor Swift holds the name in the industry of being a charity person. Time and again Taylor donates to funds regarding education, cancer and various other charity purposes. In the new relief fund for the Tennessee Tornado, Taylor again shows her generosity.

Taylor Swift's Donation Towards The Tennessee Tornado Relief

On the 5th of March 2020, Taylor announces about her donation for the Tennessee Tornado Relief fund. People are hugely struggling due to the tornado.

Taylor writes, “Nashville is my home and the fact that so many people have lost their homes and so much more in Middle Tennessee is devastating me”.

Taylor candidly writes this in her Instagram story and expresses her grievances. Therefore, Taylor Swift makes a donation of $1 million to the organization aiding the people in need in Tennessee.

“I've donated to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund.” Taylor does not disclose to us anything more. However, her rep confirms the amount Swift has given away for the ones in need.

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Taylor Swift Talks About The Tennessee Tornado

On Thursday, Taylor tweets about her support and prayers for the people in Tennessee. Swift tweets, “My heart is with everyone in Tennessee who has been affected by the tornadoes”. Deadly storms have almost ruined the countries, including Nashville.

On her Instagram story, Taylor also attaches a link for people who want to donate to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund.

The Tornado That Hit Tennessee

The number of deaths due to the tornado is 24. The tornado results in tearing up of a 2-mile-long path. It tears through Putnam County, where it kills 18 people. Amongst the deceased, five children are under thirteen.

Around 88 people are critically wounded. Another storm goes eastward from Nashville, 50-mile-long resulting in five deaths. As far as we know, another death happens in a county west of Nashville due to the monstrous storm.

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Other Artists Join Taylor Swift And Donate To The Relief Fund

It is not only Taylor who comes forward in these times of crisis. Chris Young announces that he is going to donate $50,000 to the organization. Meanwhile, we also have Johnny Van Zant, who donates $10,000 to the fund.


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