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Taylor Swift : The Kanye West Tape Is Again Surfacing Online – The Truth

Taylor Swift, who is known for producing one of the best country music around the world, has once again proved that she is not smaller than anyone.

In the recent release of Taylor Swift's new music video of ‘The Man', she seems to train in on Kanye West by and by in her last statement.

Fans had been theorizing the video for the 30-year-old artist's women's activist song of praise. That would refer to Kanye and his better half, Kim Kardashian. Since the time she tweeted a promotional picture of 19 colorful arms looking into a white foyer confined by columns and vaulted roofs.

Taylor swift

Ever since ‘The Man' video aired. One social media website, Twitter cannot stop posting about the puns that Tylor's new video is making. One is the similarity between the room and the grand white hallway in Kim and Kanye's mansion is no coincidence.

Taylor Swift And Kanye Feud

Back in the days, Kanye West and Taylor Swift's notorious phonecall has been spilt in full. The rapper, 42, and pop vocalist were involved in a quarrel after Kanye and spouse Kim Kardashian, 39, assured that Taylor, 30, asked her to be known as a ‘b**ch*' in his tune Famous and said that he is the explanation she is an easily spotted name.

The chat took place before the release of Kanye's's track Famous – where he sings: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex

“Why? I made that bitch famous God damn.

“I made that bitch famous.””

Taylor swift

In ‘The Man' Taylor is throwing utter sarcasm about society. It represents how a woman always has to struggle to make a name in the public eye. The lyrics of the song is like- ‘I'm so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I'd get there quicker if I was a man.'

A lot of people on twitter appreciated the singer for the fantastic video justifying her song so well. But, at the same time, they also commented over the Kanye and Taylor feud

One wrote: ‘Love Taylor but why is she still hung up on the Kanye s**te… you're 30 moves on'. B'What is Taylor doing in Kim and Kanye's house?', another joked.

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