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Taylor Swift: The Artist Surprises Some Of Her Fans By Gifting Them $3000


David Mudd

As the coronavirus continues to claim lives, people are finding it harder to sustain themselves. Many public figures and celebrities are trying to provide help to those in need. Here are details on how Taylor Swift helps her fans by giving them up to 3000 dollars.

Coronavirus: Business Sector Hard Hit Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus is closing down big and small business across the world. There is no guarantee when things will go back to normal. Private sectors are encouraging their workers to work from home. The economy is taking hits left, and right and businesses are losing billions of dollars.

Taylor Swift

According to WHO, the virus is affecting more than 470,000 people and claiming more than 21,000 lives.

However, daily wage and freelance workers are facing even more problems. They have no job security, and due to the lockdowns, they are unable to earn independently. Many people are getting kicked out of their homes due to unpaid rent. Therefore, the coronavirus is making life hard for everyone.

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Taylor Swift Sends Fans $3000

Pop icon Taylor Swift is among the many celebrities who are self-isolating. She recently sent several fans 3000 dollars each. The people who receive the money are usually who are struggling because of the coronavirus.

One of the fans is struggling with paying her bills. Due to the pandemic lockdowns, the woman does not have an income for at least 30 days and can not pay her bills. Swift then messages her privately and gives her $3000. The fan later tweets out, thanking Swift.

Another fan posts on Tumblr that she is scared about not being able to live in New York City. Taylor Swift sees the post send her $3000 again. The woman, states that the effects of the coronavirus on the music industry are forcing her out of the city. However, Taylor saves her from that.

It is heartwarming to see Taylor support her Swifties and brining positivity in people’s lives.

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Other Celebrities Helping People In Need

Just like Taylor Swift, many other celebrities are joining the battle with corona. Italian designers Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani are donating thousands of Euros to help hospitals in Italy. Chris Hemsworth is also offering his fitness program free of any charges for six weeks.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are also donating $1 million for relief efforts. Lady Gaga is also sending money to those in need like Swift.

In these trying times, it is essential that people come together and support each other.