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Taylor Swift Red Carpet Outfits: From 2016 To 2022



Taylor Swift isn’t just a famous singer. Over the years, the singer has solidified her reputation as a style icon. When the Pennsylvania native first came to public attention in 2006, when she was only 16 years old, she wore ruffled sundresses and worn-out cowboy boots. She often wore headbands with jewels on them, and her blonde hair was always curled tightly.

“When I was 15, I realized I liked the idea of a sundress and cowboy boots, so that’s all I wore for about two years. Then, I just started loving the bohemian fairy look with the flower headband, so I dressed like a fairy for two years,” she told Taste of Country about her early fashion choices.

But as she grew up, her style changed. Swift stopped wearing frilly dresses and started wearing ones with sparkles, cutouts, and shorter hems. She also stopped wearing Western shoes and started wearing over-the-knee boots, sandals with straps, and shiny pumps. She also started wearing a bold red lips.

Taylor Swift’s fashion has changed over the years, as you’ll see here.

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