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Taylor Swift: Publicist Tree Paine Is Calling Out The Real ‘Liars’


David Mudd

Taylor Swift: In Hollywood and music industry, the words can cause fights, and they are harsh. Everyone knows about Taylor Swift and how she speaks when she is angry with someone. There was a leaked phone call between Taylor Swift and Kayne West about the song “Famous”. That sparked a lot of controversies, and Kim Kardashian and Taylor got into a fight of words after that. This is something that we want to talk about, Kim Kardashian might have to hide her face after all this ends.

What Was The Phone Call About? (Taylor Swift)

The controversy sparked when Taylor Swift’s publicist released a phone call between her and Kanye that showed a discussion about the song Famous. They said that Kanye never asked for Taylor’s permission for releasing the song, she even warned him not to use such misogynistic lyrics in the song. He used the words and released the song, and that is why Taylor’s publicist had to take such a decision.

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Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian Trying To Defend Her Husband

Now, Kim Kardashian tweeted to defend her husband from the whole controversy. She said that Taylor is lying about the full “Kanye didn’t ask for permission thing”. Wow, that is something that looks pretty petty of her. Kanye wrote such bad lyrics, and that is something that is not what an artist of his level should do. Kim needs to get her facts corrected and then she needs to look at the lyrics, she will question Kanye about it later.

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Why Do Singer’s And Lyricist Use Such Language? (Taylor Swift)

Kanye West used some disrespectful lyrics in the song famous, and they are not at all accepted. Many other songs are just like that, but we have ignored most of them. This is something that tells us that male songwriters still think that they own the industry. When will they realise that it is not a male-dominated world anymore? Girls are doing better than them. 

Taylor is someone who should not be triggered. She can turn your world upside down, and her songs have the power to make you show your real face even after some years of the incident. She is fearless, she is bold, and she is better than most of the male musicians.

Taylor Swift